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Old medusa980

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Quote this post and reply to it Post#1 @ 07-21-04 , 03:35 PM

Ok here's my problem: my fiancee and I want to buy a condo soon. We won't be getting married for another year and a half. So what is the point of having a bridal shower? We will have to buy most of the stuff anyway, and besides that, I think I would have to throw myself my own shower because my mom is tight on money. Do you think it's safe to say what you spend on throwing the shower (food, favors, invitations) is close to what you could just go buy anyway and save the time and money? I hope I made that clear. Say your shower costs $2,000. Can you go buy the same stuff for what you would get anyway? And maybe you would get more of a wedding gift due to the lack of a shower?

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Old pete2037
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Personal Shower
Quote this post and reply to it Post#2 @ 07-23-04 , 09:48 AM

I have three suggestions:

Instead, consider having a theme: recipe showers, kitchen showers, bath showers, lingerie, linen and garden or camping showers...

Also, it is usually the responsibility of the Maid-of-Honor or close friend to throw the shower, not your mother.

And one more thing, if you plan on waiting 1 1/2 years to marry, you might think about waiting to throw the shower. In my experience, they are usually thrown around three months before the wedding day.

Anyway, good luck with your condo-hunting! I just bought a new house, so I know how much fun it can be!!

Old debinsandiego
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Quote this post and reply to it Post#3 @ 07-23-04 , 05:27 PM

I don't think it's quite right for a bride to throw her own "shower". I agree, either the maid of honor, OR any of the attendants... even a friend ... but not the bride or groom, and not their parents.

Parents can and do throw engagement parties though, although I don't think these are usually gift-giving parties. I think that depends.

However, if the wedding is a year away, you could have a house warming party NOW. I would keep it casual and fun, your friends will understand if it's inexpensive. Your MOVING?! Then, a few month's before the wedding, then plan on a bridal shower.

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Quote this post and reply to it Post#4 @ 09-09-04 , 07:52 AM

I really like the idea of having a recipe shower as pete2037 suggested, a girl I worked with was invited to one and the guests were asked to print/write out their favourite recipe on a A4 piece of paper and then all the recipes would be bound and presented to the bride to be, I thought this was such a lovely idea, as weddings can become quite a expensive exercise for everyone concerned, you have the Bridal Shower the Hens night and the bucks night if your partner is going and then the wedding present, oh and of course the weeks of shopping for the perfect outfit and over spending at the last minute because you cant find anything you like!!

Old cwindley
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Wedding Shower Yes or no?
Quote this post and reply to it Post#5 @ 09-09-04 , 07:35 PM

Okay this is an easy one. Have a different type of shower. Have a lingerie shower (always a groom fav ) Or have a grocery or kitchen shower, or maybe have a his and hers shower that features things you too like to do together like skiing or antique hunting. It can be soo much fun if you let it. Also your mother does not have to throw the shower and neither do you. If you have anyone in your line, your attendants, they can throw a shower. And unles you are going to a fancy resteraunt or other facility your new home may be the perfect place to have it. You could have a housewarming/shower. You do not need to spend an enormous amount of money on a shower! $2000 is money better spent on the other needs that will come up in a new marriage and new homeownership. Save your money do a backyard BBQ or have it catered if you prefer. All of this can be done reasonably for a small crowd.
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