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Em, I have your picture on my
Quote this post and reply to it Post#26 @ 04-15-02 , 02:00 AM

wall! Actually, one of my college roommates is wearing almost the same outfit you described in a picture I have in my hallway. She worked in the cannery one summer. My brother fished on various boats for many summers and he made tons of money if the seasons were good. Course we're talking 20 some years ago when there weren't so many restrictions and the poachers from other countries weren't stealing the fish.

Anyway, Alaska is beautiful. I had many collage friends from Ketchikan. Gosh, could they drink!!!!


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Quote this post and reply to it Post#27 @ 04-15-02 , 02:01 AM

Originally posted by emnightingale
Juan, my dear, penguins live on the other pole.


You see, I told you that I have never been in Alaska, well maybe only Inuits, polar bears and seals?, but you agree my dear that that place is not very fun right?

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Juan Manuel
Old emnightingale
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Quote this post and reply to it Post#28 @ 04-15-02 , 02:10 AM

Well, my dear, I've never been to Skagway, so I can't really say if it's fun or not. I think it would be memorable and a great opportunity, especially since the offer is already on the table.

But I personally would *love* to go to the Caribbean. I have never been diving or snorkling! Have you ever dived with dolphins for real? I would love to do that, but I think it might freak me out.

A couple of years ago my family took the Bayliner out of Seward into the Inlet, and it was great! There are these Dall Porpoises, that are similar to dolphins but look like miniature killer whales, that will swim alongside the boat and in the wake. It's so cool. If anyone saw Jeff Corwin's trip to Alaska on Animal Planet, you saw 'em. I've been to most of those places and seen most of the animals and glaciers.

If you're interested in working somewhere in Alaska that's not quite so remote, there is a very lucrative tourist industry! Denali is a great place to work, and the Princess lodges ( and cruises are always hiring summer help!

Another great option is to buy or borrow a copy of "The Milepost." They have great info on all the different cities in Alaska and Canada!


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Quote this post and reply to it Post#29 @ 04-15-02 , 04:28 AM

I drank too much wine at dinner and now I can't sleep!! Thank goodness there is DT for midnight entertainment.

Juan's idea sounds great in theory; it is much trickier in reality. In the Caribbean you need a work permit--unless you work in US territory like St. Thomas. Work permits are a pain to get, although not impossible. Because of what is involved in getting a work permit, I don't know anyplace that hires people for a few months. When you sign on, you sign on. Plus, the cost of living is very high. Good luck finding housing in a place like Bermuda! I lived there for a bit and it was a battle to find suitable housing--and this was on an executive banker's salary with substantial corporate subsidization. Bermuda, as gorgeous as it is, is better to visit than to live.

Em, I have dived with dolphins and whales in the wild. They literally come out of the blue. You see a big shadow and then--there they are! It is very cool! It is VERY rare to dive with either. The sight of big creatures underwater will make your heart skip a beat and you will hyperventilate from excitement. As a result, this type of experience is not recommended for nervous or panicky divers! The whales are very noisy. You can hear them calling from miles away. To this day, I smile when I think of those experiences. Incredible!

I have seen a number of whales while fishing in Alaska and I have gone to the Seward inlet, too, to see the Dall Porpoises. That was so neat! I really enjoy nature in a big way, so I could find lots to see and do in Alaska--even in the middle of nowhere--for a few summer months. For people who are not so into eagles, moose, bears and beavers, maybe Alaska is not for them.

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The reality of cruise ports
Quote this post and reply to it Post#30 @ 04-15-02 , 09:26 AM

The reality of working in a Jewelry store in a good cruise port is that in season they are extremly busy. I've seen customers lined up 3 deep at the cases. Many stores at the busier stores require either a new employee to be personally recommended or have a good work record. Many clerks stay with their companie for 20 years or so, their arent a lot of 6 month or seasonal work in the better stores, however in the off season they will give long vacations, they really want their good experienced staff to return. However the money you make in season will generally tide you over the slow season. They also require a good working knowledge as they really have no tme to teach "on the job" so a GG does have an "in"
Generally they work 6 days a week, if the cruise ships are in port or tourists on the streets, they work. Your one day off is your own, however many of the clerks use this time to contact clients via email etc, ( many clerks have loyal clients who write on a regular basis, send referals etc, jokes etc)
So most never get to the beach, or much of a lunch break. You have customers come in who don't have the luxury of "seeing you in a few days"
The upside is that you get to see a "lot" of jewelry, you will get very good at dealing with the public, people are there on vacation and you become a part of that happy time, you share in that joy of the 25th wedding anniversary, or honeymoon, or 50th Birthday and THATS a really nice feeling!
I'd recommend you take this opportunity. If you'd rather be in the Caribbean let me know, Ill provide a few contacts. The upside of Alaska is that it is an American Port, some of the Caribbean Islands have strict rules regarding hiring "non Locals", however you would be providing something many locals would not have, your GG. It does mean a lot.
The last few years we have been making a point of doing at least one "fun thing" at each Island, diving has been our newest challenge. Best diving in the world right in the Caribbean. "The Wall" in the Caymans cant be beat...

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Quote this post and reply to it Post#31 @ 04-15-02 , 06:44 PM

You know, I think I would have been so lost this past year without my beloved DT! Thanks everyone for all the opinions and advice and info. In Stephanie's perfect world, she could go right home to San Antonio and have a job waiting for her and then buy her house later this year, but from what I understand, summer is the slow time. I would love to go 'do some time' in the Caribbean (I love it there - love scuba diving!), but at this point, I still want my permanent residence to be in San Antonio. I didn't actually go looking for this - I hadn't even considered working anywhere else but San Antonio - but then this fell into my lap a few days ago. I have talked to as many people as I can get my hands on, and they all say that it will be great experience. I think I may be looking for someone to back up this irational fear - I don't even know what I am afraid of! I always say gthat I refuse to let fear hold me back, and here is a chance to prove it. I always say I love to travel...well??? I am starting to suspect that my main reservation right now is that I just plain want to go home. I've been in California for seven months, and I am homesick. I will be able to spend three or four weeks at home before going to alaska, so I will be able to get a good San Antonio fix before leaving. Oh gosh, I still don't know. I'm also going to check with my last industry contact in San Antonio, and barring him having the perfect job waiting for me, I'm getting closer and closer to accepting this job (don't worry Juan, I'll find SOMETHING to do - lots of time to practice my Espanol). Again, thanks for all the advice!

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Quote this post and reply to it Post#32 @ 04-16-02 , 02:51 AM

I have a friend who goes up to Alaska a lot (not the highly-touristed parts, though). He told me the women up there have a saying about Alaska: "Where the odds are good, but the goods are odd."

Not weighing in with an opinion on whether you should go for it, just always found that quote really funny.


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