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Old anshuarora
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anniversary gifts
Quote this post and reply to it Post#1 @ 04-15-09 , 04:59 AM

anniversary gifts

Although itís been five years since you said "I Do" and got married it seems like just yesterday. The first anniversary is significant and some would consider it a milestone, but the 5th anniversary is the first of the milestone anniversaries and is cause for celebration. The celebration can be as simple as a quite dinner for two and an exchange of traditional wood gifts or it can be a party with friends, family and extravagant gifts or anything in between. The main thing is that this milestone deserves some type of observance.

As far as gifts for a fifth wedding anniversary, tradition states that gifts should be wood. Though there are no rules or law that states you must follow tradition, but it can be fun and very romantic following the traditional anniversary gift list. The representative materials for each of the anniversaries like paper for the 1st and wood for the 5th etc. was created long ago thus the reason for some of the materials is not known.

There are a considerable number of theories as to why some symbols were selected for certain years. There are probably dozens of theories as to why wood is the fifth anniversary. Quite a few of these theories are variations centered around the statement "a five year marriage is strong and durable like wood".

Apart from the logic of how the symbolic materials were assigned to each anniversary, the traditional 5th anniversary gifts are wood so letís look at some excellent ideas for gifts of wood. I know, I know, your thinking how am I going to find a great gift made of a boring material like wood. Well hang on, I think youíll be surprised at what you can do with wood.
Everyone knows that there's a certain color flower that represents each anniversary year, i.e. the first anniversary gets a red rose. Well did you know that each flower also symbolizes a much bigger feeling? Anniversary flowers really mean so much more than "I Love You!"

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Re: anniversary gifts
Quote this post and reply to it Post#2 @ 04-22-09 , 01:54 PM

Diamond jewelry links your yesterdays with tomorrow. Diamonds are often viewed as symbols of love and commitment and i think its would be a nice anniversary gift.

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