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moon rocks?
Quote this post and reply to it Post#1 @ 05-18-05 , 05:18 PM

I resently went to the local geoscience museum.
They had a moon rock on display which was collected when Neil Armstrong went to the moon.

In anyway,
I was wondering if the only thing that makes this rock special, is the fact that its origin is the moon.
Would you be able to find an identical stone here on earth (Identical in terms of chemical composition and crystal structure) or is the minerals on the moon unique.

I am a gemmology student, but I have a big interest in minerology especially in minerals that are in outer space.
Maybe there are gems on mars that are more attractive then the diamonds here on earth. This concept is fasinating to me.

Kind Regards

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Re: moon rocks?
Quote this post and reply to it Post#2 @ 12-18-06 , 01:47 PM

The Moon was made from the earth. My understanding of the oragin of the moon is after the earth had formed the earth was hit by a giant meteor. As a result a large quantity of material was blasted up into orbit around the earth and it eventually consolidated together and formed the moon. The earth would still look like the moon if we did not have an atmosphere and didnt have the erosion process. There may be some materials on the moon that difffer from the earth do to more meteor impacts.

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