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redraider 04-28-06 06:50 PM

My new Emerald Cut
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I already posted the pictures on my other thread, but I think it's so beautiful that it deserves its own thread! :morelaugh

It's a .92 ct, emerald cut, F/VS1, in a white gold, tapered cathedral.

I love it! Here are some pics. When the sun comes out, I'll take pics in the sunlight.


DiamLady 04-28-06 07:31 PM

Re: My new Emerald Cut
Congratulations!! I think it's beautiful! :)

Itbit 04-28-06 08:02 PM

Re: My new Emerald Cut
Very pretty ring!
Enjoy :-)

sparkleluv 04-28-06 08:19 PM

Re: My new Emerald Cut
Wow, what a beautiful emerald cut! Wear it in good health!

pandora77 04-28-06 09:03 PM

Re: My new Emerald Cut
Beautiful ring! I'm partial to emerald cuts and yours is lovely!!

Snooper 04-28-06 10:16 PM

Re: My new Emerald Cut
OOOOOOO! Very nice! I have been wanting an Emerald recently... Seeing your pretty ring did NOT help me wanting one as I will have to wait some time :)

I think I remember an old post, but weren't you the one who was going to resell the ring in your avatar? (Round w/ 2 green stones) If not, my appologies.

redraider 04-28-06 10:18 PM

Re: My new Emerald Cut
Thanks, Snooper! No, I wasn't going to resell the ring, just reset it. I still may do that. I'm still luuuvvvvving the Tacori flower ring; however, the emerald cut came along at the right time with the right price.

I can always remount..


tinkerbellfan 04-29-06 01:59 PM

Re: My new Emerald Cut
absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Wear it in the best of health!

RubyMu 04-30-06 09:21 PM

Re: My new Emerald Cut
Ohh...that is so lovely!

briolette 05-05-06 02:40 PM

Re: My new Emerald Cut
I love it...but I'm biased. I think we have the style of mounting (modified cathedral with shoulders that slope in) :)

redraider 12-25-06 11:53 PM

Re: My new Emerald Cut
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Here's a couple of more recent pictures of this stone. One of them came out with some weird stringy things over the stone. It's not fuzz -- just the light playing tricks.

I'm still debating what to do with it. I like the idea of a three-stone emerald cut ring with a baguette band (see picture attached), but then, Snooper went and got an emerald cut with a pink halo. I'll wait to see how hers turns out before I make another decision.

Anyway, here they are...


redraider 12-25-06 11:54 PM

Re: My new Emerald Cut
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Here's the Precision Set dream set...

AZsparkleGal 01-09-07 01:05 PM

Re: My new Emerald Cut
Im kinda partial to the precision dream set myself for obvious reasons...but i too cant wait to see snoopers pink halo...can you imagine your emerald with a pink halo, and a pink wedding ring in a tiny rose gold band..that would be just stunning!

AZsparkleGal 01-11-07 12:27 AM

Re: My new Emerald Cut

Snooper 01-11-07 04:38 AM

Re: My new Emerald Cut
Oh I like the 3 stone EC idea. Trust me, I will plaster DT with my halo EC ring when it comes:)

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