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BabydollNJ 03-19-04 10:21 PM

Originally my fiance and I wanted a medium wedding, I wanted I beautiful gown...the something old, new, borrowed, and blue. I wanted a sixpence in my shoe. I wanted bridesmaids and groomsmen. I wanted it ALL. And now...my Dad doesn't have the "time" to walk me down the aisle. No date is good enough for anyone. And money is tight. So we wanted to elope. But of course his mother is going to have a cow...and my mother will be fine if she gets to go. It is becoming a chore to satisfy both families. I just want to get married darn it!! What do I tell everyone so that I am not the family black sheep after I say "I do" and to keep the peace?? :confused:

irish 03-19-04 10:45 PM

Welcome to WT...sounds like you're having a rough time. Because this is happening, the two of you need to present a united front to your families. I'm curious why your father would be too busy. When all is said and done, it's your wedding so when family members go out of their way to wreck the planning, there's usually another issue behind the scenes.

1. Money
2. divorced parents/step parents
3. religion
4. all the above x10.

You might solve all the problems by identifying what their issues are first.


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