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5luckystars 11-19-03 02:44 PM

Hello. I would like to know the biggest challege that wedding consultants face on their job. Also, do you currently us a software that organizes your duties?

festivities 01-13-04 06:08 PM

Generally speaking, it's the family members who cause most of the conflicts involved in wedding planning. They forgot that it's their son/daughter getting married and not themselves. The old argument of "Well, I'm paying for it" is unacceptable.

The other problem is always budget. To compare it to a diamond purchase, everyone wants a D color VVS clarity, 2 carat ring with a custom setting in platinum. The problem is when the budget will only accommodate a white gold ring, M color and SI13 clarity.

Steffi 01-21-04 04:54 PM

:lildev: what do you have to do to be a wedding consultant? :lildev:

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