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sapphirekitty 10-02-03 11:15 AM

RIMSHOT!!!! The number was "11" as it was my grandma's wedding day, and Rimshot guessed 12! :wavey:


So, I'll be packing that up and sending it off to you right away!!!

Thanks everyone for guessing, that was fun!


KITTYKITTY 10-02-03 11:36 AM

Congrats to you Rimshot.Thanks for the fun SK,it's always fun to watch these giveaways play out. :D kk

lust4jewels 10-02-03 01:21 PM

Yayyyyyyy!!!! Congrats Rimshot!!!

Great contest & beautiful prize Sapphirekitty :D

rimshot 10-02-03 01:23 PM

:D :D :D
You're kidding!?!?! Cool! :cool:

Thanks sooooooo much! The tanzanite sim ring and a pink cushion in one week, my fiance is going to kill me ;)


I'll try to find something to give for the next contest! Haven't been on DT too long so I don't have any extra unset stones laying around ;) We'll see what I can scrounge up.


Horizon 10-02-03 01:42 PM

Congratulations! That is a beeyootiful stone :5bounce:

hellokitties 10-02-03 03:27 PM

congratulations Rimshot!!! and smiles to SK for her fun contest:) Enjoy your new sparklies!

rodentman 10-02-03 04:44 PM

CongRATS from The Rodentman!

MsDarlinJoy 10-03-03 01:21 AM

Congratulations RS!

The pink interlaps sure look dazzling! Enjoy and much happiness to you!

Joy :D

winyan 10-03-03 11:04 AM

Congrats, Rimshot!!!
I think I missed all the excitement, but I'm very happy for you!


sapphirekitty 10-03-03 10:21 PM

The Pink Sim is on it's way
to you Rimshot, along with the nice Tanzanite ring that you purchased from me. Thanks so much, and I hope you enjoy them. Let me know when you get them. I sent them registered mail, so it should be safe enough.

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