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Portal2012 12-23-13 03:46 PM

Raw emeralds
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I got lucky and bought these two "gangas" yesterday, from the mines in Boyaca. Untreated rough Colombian emeralds, very clean, with very good color and no black carbon inclusions. I expect to have several gemstones cut, faceted and polished from this for use in earrings and pendants.

rodentman 12-26-13 01:17 PM

Re: Raw emeralds
Briliiant! I would never know how to evaluate rough like that!

Portal2012 12-30-13 10:08 AM

Raw emeralds
Well, the guy knows me, I have bought a number of items from him over the years. He was very glad to see me walk by. After this and that, I paid him "X" Colombian pesos. He needed cash, and I had it.

Yesterday, I happened to purchase a 3.5 ct cushion cut emerald at a bargain price from this other guy. Once again, he needed cash and I had it.

I'm doing my best to keep this forum alive, and I would appreciate more postings from viewers.

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