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Cassandra 04-15-02 11:20 AM

Hey guys! I entered Sabrina's photo in the Babies OnLine Cute Baby contest. :D

You can vote for her once a day, every day, until the voting period is over. I think they run them weekly... Or do 3 contests in a month's time. Anyway, here's the link! She's the first one on the page. :)


DaddysGirl 04-15-02 12:15 PM

I tried to go vote but there was about 50+ pages with names, I scanned through them all but didn't see Sabrina's, do you know what page they have her on?

Cassandra 04-15-02 12:15 PM

Page 78! :D

sweet7696 04-15-02 12:18 PM

I voted!!
She's just soo cute!! I want to pinch those cheeks!! That would be mean though!!

Bella 04-15-02 12:20 PM

Headed over to vote too, does Sabrina win anything valuable? :)

Good luck!

Cassandra 04-15-02 12:24 PM

Lessee... the Grand Prize this month is:

$100.00 in baby bucks good towards the purchase of any product(s) at Baby Universe and an 11" x 14" hand-sketched drawing of your baby's photo by SketchesByBethany.com!
Thank you guys for your votes! :D

tieru 04-15-02 01:18 PM

Another vote for Miss Sabrina!

sirene 04-15-02 01:42 PM

Count me in! Good luck Sabrina :)

DaddysGirl 04-15-02 02:41 PM

I voted!!!!

siloxane 04-15-02 04:51 PM

Voted twice! Once from work and once from home. From me and my fiance (to keep it legal)!

emnightingale 04-15-02 04:56 PM

And another vote - from me! But I think you should have put one of the crawling/mocking pictures up - those were too cute. :)


jean 04-15-02 04:59 PM

Just placed my vote for Sabrina on page 78 also.

Cassandra 04-15-02 05:08 PM

Em: I hadn't taken those pictures when I'd entered her picture. :) I know!! Here, check this one out. I'm entering this in the next avaliable contest.

Cassandra 04-15-02 05:10 PM

<--- thanks people as they vote. :D

emnightingale 04-15-02 07:22 PM

Cassandra, that ones is Perfect! There is nothing cuter than gerber babies playing with their toes. She's such a doll. :)


sweet7696 04-15-02 07:29 PM

She is just toooooo cute!!!!
She is so adorable! Just like a little doll!

Cyberkat 04-15-02 10:01 PM

She has my vote!! She's a real sweetie!!

cinnamongirl 04-15-02 11:10 PM

i cast my vote. sabrina is so adorable.

jean 04-16-02 03:02 PM

I have cast another vote today for Sabrina.

Cassandra 04-16-02 03:06 PM

:D Thanks guys!

BridgetB 04-16-02 09:49 PM

Sabrina, the beautiful baby
gets another vote from me. She really is the most beautiful baby. Let us know how she gets on. With all of DT voting for her she must be in with a chance.

Good Luck.


jean 04-17-02 05:22 AM

Another vote cast today.

Cassandra 04-17-02 11:29 AM

I sure hope so, Bridget.

You guys are great. :)

Awwww, Iceman! *lond-distance hug!* :)

Alilou 04-17-02 12:10 PM

okay I voted
She is too cute! I will remember to vote everyday.

ladyluck 04-18-02 01:24 AM

Sabrina's got my vote!

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