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gunsuka 12-08-01 06:23 PM

I have enjoyed looking at stones on this site. I currently live in a district of London that has some fairly major diamond shops.

I am attaching a photo, the quality is not great - but neither were the conditions under which I took the photo.

Ragemanchoo 12-11-01 02:45 AM

Those are cool! What shop was this? Graff? I'm curioius. :)

happppyme 01-24-02 08:34 PM

i"m pretty sure it is a Graff storefront. There is one on Madison Avenue in NYC. Same style of display. I can not believe there are people that can afford things like this!! All I can do is gaze and dream.

Ragemanchoo 01-25-02 03:04 AM

Graff stones
That is interesting the way they display the stones. Those are some very very fine quality diamonds. They probably have armed guards scattered around the store. Fancy light blue? All three of them look bluish in the photo, but that is probably due to the light. How did you convince the store to let you take a photo???? I was at Tiffany & Co. in Portland, Oregon, and they had an art-deco platinum dragonfly pen, set with diamonds and sapphires. I asked the man behind the counter if they allowed photos of their pieces, and he said they couldn't, because it has security risks. I understood, it was fine. I still remember the pen. ^_^ I think it is on their site? I am going to hunt for it. If I find it, I will post it here.

Ragemanchoo 01-25-02 03:16 AM

Tiffany pin
Here it is! :D

gunsuka 02-16-02 09:22 AM

I belive that the stones were at Graff, on Bond street in London. There were so many shops, and I took so many photos I can't remember exactly.

As for how I got the photo, they are the window display. They are just a few inches from the sidewalk, just me a some thin glass seperating the two of us :-)

I don't think the shops can say anything about taking photos, as I was not actually IN their store, just took the photo through their window.

The lighting was bad (dusk) when I took the photos, thus they are not so hot.

I'll post a few more pics from that day.

gunsuka 02-16-02 09:37 AM

A big yellow stone, who can afford this stuff?

Ragemanchoo 02-16-02 02:38 PM

Wow :D
Love that big yellow stone. So the window was actually a window that faced the street that had people walking by? I got the impression from the first photo with the three diamonds that the image was a display case inside the store. I guess not? :) That 25-carat yellow is spectacular...

rnchackett 10-27-02 05:33 AM

Wow, wow and double wow! What extraordinary stones!

TxsChatterbox 12-17-02 03:28 PM

Not sure
but when you find out who can afford this stuff see if they would like to adopt me.
Thanks for posting the pics. I think this is the closest that I will ever get to viewing stones of that caliber. :D

princessmichele 01-01-03 12:00 AM

Graff, for sure!
one of my first stops when i'm in for my yearly visit!

indiraxyz 01-03-03 08:16 AM

Aah Graff...its my FAVOURITE store though I have not bought anything there. It was a dream come true when my fiance took me to Graff to choose the e-ring...I chose the ring there and then ordered the diamond direct thanks to the knowledge gained from DT.

Of course if money was no object then I would just buy from Graff all the time!

For those who actually shop there...please post pics of what you have purchased! I guess that means you PrincessMichele! ;)

forlaser 04-21-03 03:26 AM

25ct flawless light blue???
anyone care to guess what that stone would fetch????

Ragemanchoo 04-21-03 05:00 AM

Fancy Light Blue diamond
At least $4 or $5 million... if it were a deeper saturation of blue, much more.

Ryan Thompson
The World of Famous Diamonds

forlaser 04-21-03 04:00 PM

Re: Fancy Light Blue diamond
Originally posted by Ragemanchoo
At least $4 or $5 million... if it were a deeper saturation of blue, much more.

and if it was a deep, or intense blue? guesses anyone??

Ginjo 09-17-03 11:40 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I took the liberty of adjusting this picture. This should be better.


Ragemanchoo 09-18-03 12:20 AM

Light blue diamond
1 Attachment(s)
That Fancy Light Blue looks white. Oh well. I've seen a number of those before, so I can imagine what it looks like -- it must have been out of this world.

For an example, here's a 0.35-carat radiant cut Fancy Light Blue, the seller wants $4000.

Ryan Thompson
The World of Famous Diamonds

sapphirekitty 09-18-03 12:30 PM

Holy Cow Batman! I'd give my eyeteeth for one of those rings. Very, very nice ice!

I'd even be happy with one of the chips that fell off one!

I've got to get across the pond one take and eyeball those babies in person.

Didn't Princess Diana shop at Graff, as well as Asprey?

Here's the web addy:


Ragemanchoo 02-02-05 03:49 AM

1 Attachment(s)
A friend of mine recently sent me these two photos. She says they are screenshots from a DVD on master jewelers. I would have the DVD myself except its $89. :( The stone in the foreground...it looks bluish to me. I wonder if its the Fancy Light Blue shown above? The setting, stone size and cutting style style match...

The original photo is larger than this but I was restricted to a max of 114 KB.

Ragemanchoo 02-02-05 03:51 AM

1 Attachment(s)
And another shot. Stone is at the lower-left.

farsidej 02-05-05 12:55 AM

The World of Famous Diamonds
Not to change the subject, but EVERYONE should check out Ryan's site. I stumbled upon it several months ago using a Google search. It was quite informative and plenty of links to some spectacular gemstones. The history of each stone was quite detailed and interesting. The link to his website is above in his post.

Ragemanchoo 02-05-05 07:16 AM

Thanks farsidej :) I'd be updating it more often but my computer is very slow..its old. :o: At this point the only updates I do are spelling corrections/factual corrections, and so on. Within the next 3 or 4 months I am getting a new computer and plan to add about 6 or 7 new stones to the site.

pusso 02-05-09 10:32 AM

Re: Expensive Stones
Originally Posted by Ragemanchoo
And another shot. Stone is at the lower-left.

Great picture, but I think $5m is a bit conservative. I saw a0.5ct grey blue graff dianond ring for $250,000 about 8 years ago!!!

Ragemanchoo 02-05-09 11:51 PM

Re: Expensive Stones
Hmm. Maybe you're right. It would definitely be at least $2.5 M, though. Its Flawless, after all.

pusso 02-06-09 04:39 AM

Re: Expensive Stones
Originally Posted by Ragemanchoo
Hmm. Maybe you're right. It would definitely be at least $2.5 M, though. Its Flawless, after all.

What I MEANT was that $5m was too cheap!

The ring I saw 8 years ago was a half carat (not a 25 carat), it was only GREY blue, not flawless, and cost even back then $500,000 per carat.

So I would guess $15,000,000,for the big baby blue!

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