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rodentman 01-23-04 09:14 PM

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I deceived my new dark blue Sirtoli ostrich strap today. As usual, photos don't do it justice, but it looks splendid on the Glashütte and it was only $65. (That's cheap for a quality strap.)

CrazyLooie 01-23-04 09:19 PM

That's smooth, Rodentman! Are you gonna let me wear it to the bar tonight?

rodentman 01-23-04 09:24 PM

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I don't think so. I gotta break in the new strap, and soaking it in beer isn't the preferred method.

rodentman 01-23-04 09:26 PM

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The silver dial is wonderful. It is running at +5 seconds a day, which is quite acceptable. Usually they will settle down a bit from their rate when new, or as in this case, just underhauled.

PlatinumDiamond 01-23-04 10:26 PM

CrazyLooie .....
which bar do yous goes to ;)

CrazyLooie 01-23-04 10:39 PM

Usually a quiet nayborhood tavern where I can wrap my tail around some female who is looking for perceptive intellectual discussion with a shy, quiet, unassuming, mild-mannered little rodent. I don't like loud, smokey spurts bars. I much prefer a more imminent ambience.

Well truth be told, anywhere they'll let me in.

rodentman 01-24-04 12:30 PM

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Here are some slightly better photos taken in sunlight, which has been sparse here lately and promises to be equally scarce next week as well.

rodentman 01-24-04 12:42 PM

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What makes it go...

8131 01-24-04 02:06 PM


Did Looie wear it last night? Has he sobered up yet this morning?

rodentman 01-24-04 02:12 PM

Nah, I haven't seen him yet today. I didn't let him wear the Glashütte, but I DID lend him the Breitling Chrono Avenger M-1 which is beerproof to 3,300' and the brushed titanium finish is tough to damage. Looie especially enjoys showing people how you can use the chrono pushers whilst the watch is immersed in liquid.

8131 01-24-04 03:12 PM

You don't suppose he got lucky last night do you?

rodentman 01-24-04 04:12 PM

Having no reference pernt for that, I wouldn't know.

8131 01-24-04 04:26 PM

You might not know, but Crazy Looie knows!

8131 01-24-04 11:25 PM

Watch out Rodentman. I heard on the radio today that Carolina fans are preparing their favorites for Super Bowl meals, and one of their favorites is barbequed squirrel! Don't let Looie go see Felicia; I think she's down that way. You wouldn't want to see your little drunken buddy barbequed now would you?

8131 01-25-04 01:05 PM

Looie, what about getting the Rodentman to buy you one of these: http://www.fossil.com/shopping/prod...ProductID=15117 You can keep tabs on your stock investments!

CrazyLooie 01-25-04 03:02 PM

Not to worry folks! I cannot be BBQ'd since I am so sauced that the alcohol in me would flare up and render (as it were) a decent BBQ inedible. They know that. It's a great benefit of having both an inflammatory internal structure not to mention the personality...

I am safe...

8131 01-26-04 12:53 PM

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Now that you're our official mascot, it's only appropriate that you wear the finest watch on the forum. I vote for:

8131 01-26-04 12:58 PM

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Now I was having a talk with some of your girlfriends down at the tavern, and they agree that you should have the finest watch money can buy. But they think this would be more appropriate:

CrazyLooie 01-26-04 01:08 PM

Oh my aching paw!

I'll take the Glashütte, thank you! Nothing but class for Looie. The pimp-daddy Breitling is totally out of character for the refined Looie. I need something befitting my stature.

How's that Bentley? Is it not holding a charge, as it were?

8131 01-26-04 01:19 PM


To try to get a handle on what it's doing, I wound it yesterday morning, put in the winder for an hour yesterday for 1440 CW revolutions, and put it on this morning. I'll try wearing it, or keeping it in a winder for 14 hours per day and see what happens. It seems to run if you continuously wear it, or keep it in the winder, but at some point if you put it down for 8 hours it stops. That tells me that it is winding but not building up a reserve. Also, once it's stopped you can't start it by shaking it, you have to wind it. Don't most good watches start by just shaking them?

rodentman 01-26-04 02:09 PM

I am not surprised that you must wind it. Shaking probably doesn't give it enough torque. Also could indicate that something is wrong.

I would do this:

Wind it fully, say 50 good turns at a certain time, say 7 AM. You can't hurt it by winding it a lot.

Leave it sitting dial up, not on a winder. If it is still running at 7 AM the next day, check it at 7 PM. That will be 36 hours. You should get at least that from a full wind. If it stops before that, make a note of how long it stayed running, and send it in with a note describing your findings.

Or you could send it to Crazy Looie if you wanna get rid of it.

8131 01-27-04 02:13 AM

Squirrels' wrists aren't big enough to wear a Bentley. He does wear his watches on his wrist doesn't he?

8131 01-27-04 02:38 PM

Where is Looie?

8131 01-29-04 12:09 AM


Go find the Rodentman, I need his help.

I followed the instructions, wound the Bentley 50 full turns and layed it in it's back. It went 47 hours and 10 minutes. Not too shabby! What's the next test, wind it again and wear it 16 hours per day and see when it stops?

rodentman 01-29-04 12:15 AM

If it ran 47 hours, it is taking a wind, obviously. Now you must determine if the self winding mechanism is working. Does it sound like an automatic should?

Yes, I'd say wind it fully, wear it 16 hours a day for a couple of days. It should take and hold a wind.

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