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jewelle 06-13-04 06:05 PM

I'm not moving from this screen!!

didiamond 06-13-04 06:06 PM

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This was my MIL's Tanzanite ring (I think it is around 5-6 cts. and the diamonds are around 4 ctw). It's way to large for me to wear so one day I'd like to reset the Tanzanite, but I don't have a clue as to HOW to set it!

I'm editing this because I found the paperwork on this ring. It is a 7.44 ct Tanzanite with 6.65 ctw diamonds G/H VS1/2. You can't see it in the pic but the diamonds are like a wave around the Tanzanite.

didiamond 06-13-04 06:07 PM

Jewelle, YOU ARE TOO FUNNY!!! :p:

Hold on, there is more...

didiamond 06-13-04 06:09 PM

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This is diamond bangle bracelet my hubby gave me for my b-day a few years ago....

jewelle 06-13-04 06:11 PM

Wow, I guess your MIL didn't have any daughters either!! Looks like she must of thought alot of you though! :)

I can't wait to see what's next. :)

didiamond 06-13-04 06:12 PM

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This was my MIL's favorite ring...an opal from Australia. It's a little dirty but it's set in YG. I'm not a big opal fan.

didiamond 06-13-04 06:23 PM

This is for Amethyste and MsDiamondLil...
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Here are two side views of the pear...

didiamond 06-13-04 06:28 PM

These are for susi and Sherrie...
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Here are a few more pics of the RB...

didiamond 06-13-04 06:29 PM

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and another...

didiamond 06-13-04 06:31 PM

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And last but not least, I thought this looked kinda cool together with the sparkles...

didiamond 06-13-04 06:35 PM

Thanks for being patient Jewelle. No daughters for my MIL either. We both ended up with one son. She was an absolute brilliant and charming woman. I can't say enough about her. :)

I tried for pics of earrings but they didn't come out.

didiamond 06-13-04 06:43 PM

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Here is one more that I forgot of the pear...(I promise, NO MORE) :D

Sherrie 06-13-04 07:01 PM


Thank you for granting my request. I immediately saved the picture under my favorite rings folder. You and your husband have amazing taste.

finerthings 06-13-04 07:02 PM

Diane! You are killing me!!! Your jewels are incredible. Thank you so very much for sharing!!! :facelick:

widget 06-13-04 07:22 PM

Oh, thank you! We could look at your pictures ALL DAY LONG, and still beg for more! :p:

I just love opals, and yours is beautiful...I just like staring at them sort of like at a hologram or a kolidascope (sp?)..always changing. Maybe they're better unmounted (like a "worry bead") than worn!

Maybe you should let all us envious DTers get a vicarious thrill by "helping" you re-mount the tanzanite. My first thought was to have it made, diamonds and all, into a pendant/pearl enhancer (to wear with the diamond necklace?) Then I looked at it again...it really is a beautiful stone. If it were me, I'd remount it in platinum, maybe bezel set, with one row of TEENSY diamonds around it, east/west (set horizontally). This way would almost be sporty.

I know you didn't ask...but I just love dreaming. For the millionth time, THANK YOU for sharing!!


widget 06-13-04 07:30 PM

Oh, by the way...I have only sons, also. Fortunately, I LOVE my daughters in law! (whew!!)

I don't think the boys think too much of my jewelry fixation and compulsion...but their wives think it's just great !! ;)


MsDiamondLil 06-13-04 08:58 PM

Thank you, Diane. I can't stop staring at that pear. It is so lovely!

That is a beautiful tanzanite -- another stone I have been in love with for many years. :facelick: I have a 3 ct trillion tanzanite with 0.50 ct of princess diamonds on the sides. I've tried to take pictures, but they look so dark. You photography is awsome. Any tips?

Ms DiamondLil

Jasmin 06-13-04 09:11 PM

once again--STUNNING jewelry, thank you so much for sharing, I love the tanzanite ring too, just beautiful! And the diamond necklace and bracelet, OMG! Where do you wear these beauties anyway? Do you and your DH go to fancy functions? I would wear them around the house just cause I could!! With my tiera! Might scare the mailman, but who cares!! :D

dexmom 06-13-04 10:05 PM

What a phenomenal collection. Each piece is absolutely gorgeous.

didiamond 06-13-04 10:43 PM

I'm thrilled that you all like my MIL's collection. I know some of it is rather large, who knows maybe some day I'll get used to it.

Sherrie, I hope it is of some help to you. IMO, I think that it may be mounted a little too high. I'm still debating having it redone in a lower mounting. The same with the RB, something low like headlights new ring.

finerthings, thank you so much!

widget, I think opals are lovely to look at too. I'm just so hard on jewelry that it's not stone I'd be comfortable wearing. I can't even clean it the same way I clean my other stuff. I'm terrified of destroying it!

As for your suggestions on the Tanzanite, thanks! I would love more feedback on that. I really like the idea you had about the east/west look. I never thought of that. I think that stone is too large to wear lengthwise. I'm going to try to find something similar to what you described just to get an idea. Let me know if you see anything like that. Thank you!! :D

That's great that you have 2 wonderful DILs! I can only hope to get the same in the future. I worry about that.

MsDiamondLil, I would LOVE to see how your ring looks! I don't know how I took the pics. I just took pic after pic, deleted the fuzzy ones and prayed that they came out good. Definately outside for me though. My indoor pics didn't come out too good. I think the sunlight helps alot. I'm so glad my neighbors couldn't see what I was doing!

jasmin, thank you! No, we don't go to alot of fancy places so I don't get to wear alot of the pieces very often. I might wear the necklace once or twice a year. I like the idea of wearing it around the house though! LOL But more so, I like the idea of having a tiera! If I only had a place to wear it to. hmmm.....Didn't someone mention a having a DT convention in another thread? Yeah, that's where I could wear it to! :D :D

Thank you dexmom!

You all are so nice that I'm never going to leave this place! Out of curiosity, does anyone ever go to the chatroom?

Jasmin 06-13-04 11:53 PM

Originally posted by didiamond

Out of curiosity, does anyone ever go to the chatroom?

Yes we do, sometimes it helps to get the chats started if you start a new thread asking if anyone wants to chat, and let them know when you will be in there...then everyone kind of joins in! Its fun! :)

susanpdavis 06-14-04 12:27 PM

great fabulous eyecandy!!!
Oooh this is so much fun loooking at all the beautiful jewels, and so very nice of you to share with us, too. !!!
I knew a jeweller who had a pear cut opal, about 2 inches in length, and she had it set with a double row of peridots, in the round shape, surrounding the opal. It was so very stunning. She also had a 7.5 carat rb with 1 carat baugettes on either side of that headlight. Oh and long, really long ropes of black and white pearls, and they were huge pearls. Just great jewellry but it has been years since I saw her but that was what I remember and she was as gracious as the jewels were lovely. I also have a lady friend who had her e ring upgraded. She put the 1.5 marquis on one side, hubby bought her a 3.5 center diamond, marquis cut, and added another 1.5 marquis cut for the other side of the stone. Really huge--his only request was that she wear the ring every day, so she tools around in her suburban with her four cute little boys, they are 8, 6, 4 and 2. Why do all these women with jewels have no daughters. lol. She also has a gold omega watch that she wears with her 9.5 carat tennis bracelet, she got one carat diamond studs for christmas one year and the next year got two carat pear diamond drops for each ear. Two years ago she got ropes of pearls, this last christmas a 42 carat graduated diamond necklace, with the center stone being 4.5 round brilliant and graduated from either side. she says she looks like a christmas tree, but her hubby loves to buy these trinkets for her. She thinks she is done, but I am not so sure. LOL. She is just busy raising those cute little boys. My two cents. Nice to rub shoulders with people who have beautiful things, but are still totally grounded in normal life. Thanks for sharing the sparklies and my fave is the emerald cut---tres chic. Sincerely, Susanp

Lizbeth 06-14-04 12:35 PM


I totally agree with everyone else; you and your DH have great taste in jewellery!! I can honestly say I love EVERYTHING! :D

Thanks for sharing your amazing collection, and keep posting picts! There can never be too many for me! :facelick:

irish 06-14-04 12:46 PM


Amethyste 06-14-04 05:53 PM



THank you for sharing with us :)

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