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herschelp 03-27-03 01:03 PM

Looking for anyone with information on the quality of diamonds dispensed with the Raining Diamonds Slot Machine made by SDG (Sierra Design Group).
Are these CZ? Alexanderite? Real diamonds, what quality?
What is Asha?
Thanks in advance

RSVP here, or
herschel@eaglemtncasino.c om

herschelp 03-28-03 02:23 PM

Raining Diamonds Slot Machine
Thank you, I got the answer on Asha. Very informative.
The games seem popular in Northern California (Sacramento / San Francisco area), anyway. Cache Creek, among others, has them, and is getting more. The games must do something right.

darkoworld 05-16-07 07:36 PM

Re: Raining Diamonds Slot Machine
What site did you use to find out more on the SDG diamond rings. I am trying to get an idea of how much they are worth. Thanks, Tom

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