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vault262 08-25-08 10:14 PM

New to the site
Hey Everyone, how's it going? I just came across this website while searching for a current rapaport sheet (which I know understand I will not find) so I decided to Join this Forum and get a feel for diamonds and purchasing. I am actually looking to buy a stone for my GF and I was wondering what the current rapaport sheet would have for a stone with this GIA report. (and I am sorry if I am in the wrong category)

Round Brilliant
Measurements: 6.75 - 6.79 x 4.21 mm
Carat Weight: 1.20
Color Grade: G
Clarity Grade: VS2
Cut Grade: Excellent
Depth: 62.2 %
Table: 58 %
Crown Angle: 35
Crown Height: 15 %
Pavilion Angle: 41
Pavilion Depth: 43.5 %
Star length: 50 %
Lower Half: 75 %
Girdle: Medium to Slightly Thick, Faceted
Culet: None
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Excellent
Fluorescence: None

Thanks in advance and I look forward to interacting with everyone on the site!


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