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ZsaZsa 01-13-07 10:07 PM

Im trying to seel something and the site qwont let me post my pics I keep trying and it says they are uploading butnoghint happens???

whsat the heck??


Please help

irish 01-13-07 10:26 PM

Re: Help
ZsaZsa make sure you are posting in the correct forum for consumr selling--the JewelryClassified forum.
-Your pics have to be the correct size (no wider than 700 pixels I believe- unless Gilbert tweaked it again ;)),
-.jpg format works best,
- and be sure you follow each of the steps for posting.

try that and see how it goes.

ZsaZsa 01-13-07 10:32 PM

Re: Help
Thank you Irish my friend took them with a good quality camera on the highest quality so they are big files


twitch 01-14-07 03:39 AM

Re: Help
Then you may want to upload them to a site like photobucket.com and just use the html command to load them here :)
Much luck!

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