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Michael_E 11-17-09 08:19 PM

Fire Engine Red Ruby
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It's small, but it's one of those stones that just pops from across the room. I can't get the color right with my camera...this stone is a pure intense red with a slight tinge of pink in bright light. It is natural and not filled at all though it may have been heated, (I'm not going to get a cert for it at this low price). It is eye clean though it does have a certain glow which is caused by very thin microscopic veils on one side. I recut this one from a poorly cut stone and it's now just about the nicest looking ruby that I've ever seen, too bad it's so small. It weighs 56 points and measures 5.06mm x 4.66mm making it what cutters call a "Roval" meaning round/oval.

FoxyandSexy 11-19-09 11:27 AM

Re: Fire Engine Red Ruby
What a beautiful, vibrant ruby!!

:heart: Amy

Michael_E 11-20-09 01:05 AM

Re: Fire Engine Red Ruby
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Thanks Amy ! I could never get my exposures the way that I wanted them and getting the colors right was a battle as well, so I went out and bought a lower cost camera that has a really good macro and exposure control today. Here's another picture of this stone under less intense lighting. The color is closer and the wisping in the stone is apparent without causing so much fuzziness in the images. This camera is going to be lots of fun.

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