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rodentman 09-29-03 06:34 PM

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Here's a nice Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer...

rodentman 09-29-03 06:35 PM

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A close up of the crown and pushers...

rodentman 09-29-03 06:36 PM

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And the movement...

Amethyste 09-29-03 07:01 PM

Oh I like the watch...
Or maybe I love the name.. ;)
Very NICE!!!!

Jasmin 09-29-03 07:22 PM

that is a very cool watch RM... :)

rodentman 09-29-03 07:48 PM

Thanks! The guy I bought this from runs a small operation out of an office, not a storefront. But he IS an auth dealer for UN, and Chronoswiss. He didn't look familiar at all, and I talked with him for at least a half hour thinking him a stranger. Then he hands me his business card with his last name on it, and I was totally gobsmacked! He was a co-worker of mine in 1982 at a different company. Small world.

I got the UN watch for 52% off.

He offered me 25% off any Chronoswiss and 20% off any Anonimo.

Jasmin 09-29-03 09:46 PM

that is really neat RM! saw a old co-worker and got a discount too! Isnt that neat when things like that just happen out of the blue... :)

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