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Marcariausc22 10-23-12 12:41 AM

3ct diamond value ... pleaseeee help!!!
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Hello. I hope I can have some of my questions answered here. Everyone seems very knowledgeable. My boyfriend and I are searching for the perfect diamond. We have been searching for a couple of months now but it has come down to decision time and we are sooo confused.

Okay here is our dilemma. Are we getting an amazing deal on the following diamond or are we simply getting ripped off?

Weight 3.00 Ct

Measurements: 8.85-8.80x5.71

Depth: 64.7%
Table: 59%
Crown: 13.8%
Pavillion: 42.7%
Girdle: Thin to Very Thick
Cutlet: None

Polish: Very Good
Symmetry: Good
Clarity: VS2
Color: H

Fluorescence: Strong Blue
Comments: Hearts and Arrows


Just some side notes. We compared this to several GIA and other EGL diamonds. In our eyes it rated much closer to a GIA G and in certain lighting even an F. I believe the fluorescence has something to do with this. So if someone can please elaborate on the fluorescence in this particular circumstance. (Is it really bad???) It also looked really great in sunlight ... almost super white.

The clarity was awesome in the price range. Extremely eye clean and we were barley able to see too many inclusions under 10x.

The main thing that we are also concerned about are the measurements. I heard the diameter should be around 9mm? So does this mean the stone is cut too deep??? I check around online and it seems to be a very good cut. This is what we are mainly unsure of.

Also how can it be hearts and arrows if it may not be an ideal cut? PLEASEEEEE HELP we need to make a decision by the end of the week! If this diamond sucks then I get I need to downgrade on size and upgrade on cut but hopefully it doesn't because I really love it!


Icerocc 03-20-13 03:49 PM

Re: 3ct diamond value ... pleaseeee help!!!
Your getting an amazing deal for a 3 carat diamond with H color and VS2 clarity. Good choice, its absolutely gorgeoussss!

rodentman 03-20-13 04:17 PM

Re: 3ct diamond value ... pleaseeee help!!!
You have absolutely no way of knowing if this is an "amazing deal" and a "good choice" without seeing it.

You must be the "Amazing Kreskin." What are your gemologic credentials?

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