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wangt 10-04-12 03:13 PM

Where to sell Tiffany's Diamond Ring
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I have a Tiffany's ring I purchased during an estate sale earlier this year.

Does anyone have experience or know where is the most ideal way I can sell this ring or put it up for cosignment.

Also anyone have a good guess of how much I could expect?
Tiffany setting on 5.5 Platinum ring
.73 karats G VS1
Have original certificate and also have been appraised by trusted appraiser in Princeton NJ.

I've received offers from Jewelers but I'm only getting estimates as if it wasn't a Tiffany's item. Any help would be great!

Ultimately I decided to buy it straight from Tiffany's (wanted to give her the complete feel with the blue box)-if anyone is wondering :slapper:


Icerocc 01-30-13 05:06 PM

Re: Where to sell Tiffany's Diamond Ring
You can sell it on this site, eBay or Amazon.

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