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KITTYKITTY 11-18-03 10:12 PM

Kitty Claws has three pretty sims in her Christmas Sack.If you'd like to take a shot at winning one, this is what you must do.You must guess the cut,ct weight,color of each one along with the brand name of each. Asha,Interlap etc.etc.The first three PMs recieved with all 3 correct answers as to the identity of each sim will recieve one of the three sims before Christmas.The fun begins now and ends November 21st at 6:00 pm.Remember,keep your guesses private,PMs only.

Musthave 11-18-03 11:22 PM

Your a sweetheart!

Goodluck ladies and make sure you post pics :)

yogimel 11-19-03 12:02 AM

I'm pulling up my lawnchair, getting ready to cheer. Good luck to all who enter!!!!!!!!!!!

synicgrrl 11-19-03 12:05 AM

Kittykitty, you rock! I am so excited about this one... I have been wanting to win something for a while and it hasn't happened yet. maybe, maybe, right??

Bless you KK.

Raech 11-19-03 12:08 AM

6pm in what time zone?

KITTYKITTY 11-19-03 06:50 AM

Originally posted by Raech
6pm in what time zone?
;) Raech,Sorry about that I forgot to add <EST>.Just to make it clear for any that join in the fun.You must try to guess the specs of all three sims,but the first three people who guess the correct specs of anyone of the sims in Kitty Claws Bag,will win that individual sim.Tis The Season,KK :)

KITTYKITTY 11-19-03 07:29 AM

1 Attachment(s)
:)I just checked my PM box.We have our first winner.She will recieve the sim she identified correctly.I won't reveal her name at the moment. :lildev: Keep guessing ladies.

ladyluck 11-19-03 08:45 AM

:D Congrats to the winner and good luck to everyone else.

Thank you again kitty for such a great giveaway. You are a sweetheart!!!:kiss:

missyricker 11-19-03 08:45 AM

:D LOL.... That kitty is sooooo funny Kittykitty!!!!!

KITTYKITTY 11-19-03 11:23 AM

:)We now have two winners,only one more sim to be identified.The newest winner actually identified two of the sims but our first winner beat her out on one of them in a earlier PM. Good job ladies,now lets see if some one can win the one thats left.KK

Musthave 11-19-03 12:42 PM

Good job ladies :)

Seagulls 11-19-03 12:49 PM

Good Luck everyone!!!!! Thank you Kitty Claus!!!!!! You bring GOOD CHEER wherever you go!!!!!!!!!

May Santa reward you heavenly!!! :D

synicgrrl 11-19-03 01:03 PM

All these contests are making me feel so warm and fuzzy - I think it's getting near time for me to do another one. :smileluv:

Raech 11-19-03 06:14 PM

Iam a VERY confused. I thought it didn't start til then, and I thought it was a pics thing. DOH!

I had been sitting here waiting til Friday night :( Oh well

I entered now.

yogimel 11-19-03 06:40 PM

Originally posted by KITTYKITTY
:)We now have two winners,only one more sim to be identified.

WHOA, that was quick!! :eek:

KITTYKITTY 11-19-03 07:30 PM

Well ladies we have our final winner,she like one of the other winners had two stones correct but also came in too late with her PM to snatch that one as well.I will reveal all three winners and what stone they have won,Friday at 6:00 pm EST.Hope you ladies won't mind the wait.I would like to add I had one lady who missed winning all three stones by the color of just one stone.She could have won 2 if her PM had come in last night. :( But because she missed winning all three by just a cats hair,Kitty Claws is going to send her a gift as well.Don't forget to check in Friday evening to see if your name is on the winners list.Congratulations ladies on a job well done.See you Friday :) KK

Musthave 11-19-03 09:16 PM

hehehe I like when you put everyone on edge. I bet those that entered are going crazy :)

yogimel 11-19-03 09:28 PM

You're just as evil as KK, Musthave...

Great job, everyone!

KITTYKITTY 11-20-03 12:24 AM

Originally posted by yogimel
You're just as evil as KK, Musthave...
Say What ? :D You know patience is a virtue !!! :) KK

KITTYKITTY 11-20-03 09:24 AM

1 Attachment(s)
:D Due too a change of heart Kitty Claws will reveal the winning names earlier than expected.Above the Christmas tree below you'll see the names and sims they each won.One player will recieve a Mystery Gift for her efforts.The winner of the mystery gift had all of the maker and sim sizes correct,but was off just a cats hair on the color of the OEC,and her guesses came in behind the others.Great job ladies.Please PM me your names & addresses so Kitty Claws can deliver them by Christmas.KK

Cassandra 11-20-03 09:33 AM

Wow, ladies! Congrats! :)

Thanks for hosting another fun contest, Kittykitty. :)

Seagulls 11-20-03 10:21 AM

I think I'm on DT too much. I actually had a dream about this contest last night...I was dreaming about stones, sizes, makes, settings, PMs. It was DT chaos....It's amazing how even in my dreams stones still sparkle!!! :D

THANKS AGAIN KITTYKITTY CLAUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Seagulls 11-20-03 10:28 AM

HOLY COWWWWWWW :eek: !!!! I just posted and when it went to reveal my post I realized KK had already posted the winners. I am FLOOOOOORRRRED!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH KITTYKITTY!!!!! I can't believe I got that GORGEOUS STONE!! You are so generous!!!!!! I don't know how to express my exceitement. Maybe my dream was prophetic? I humbly give youa million THANKS!!!!!! Congrats to the other winners!!! May you all enjoy your treasures!!!!!!!!!!!
:D :jump1:



littlebit 11-20-03 12:07 PM

WOW!! Thanks SOOO MUCH for including me too!!!!
I keep kicking myself for not doing this earlier and
I should have known the KITTYKITTY likes
white stones! LOL :D
This is SO much FUN!!!
:D :D :D

Raech 11-20-03 01:02 PM

congrats everyone. Enjoy. Hope you all make rings :)

I can see great rings or necklaces comming out of these. Droool!

OOOoo PK and SG I am very jealous indeed. These would make gorgeous jewelery. :D

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