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shamster 10-08-03 12:45 PM

I need help picking out nice gifts for my groomsmen. Any suggestions for something that isn't too cheesy and played out?

PlatinumDiamond 12-30-03 01:40 PM

How about men's manicure sets?!!
Or a decent watch. These are a couple of ideas I have know that Groomsmen have received before. Hope this helps and congrats to you! :)

kell 01-11-04 12:31 AM

Engraved money clips are nice ideas too. My fiance got a glass mug and shot glass with a pewter plate on the front engraved with his initials from a wedding he was in.

billjohnson646 07-17-09 09:06 PM

Re: Groomsmen gifts
I have something that isn't played out! Shaving kits! They are perfect cause people shave every single day. Trust me, you can never go wrong with shaving.
We shop at http://www.groomsmen.com


Steph08 08-30-09 11:14 AM

Re: Groomsmen gifts
Men always love traveling so I suggest you give your groomsmen luggage tags as gifts. Put their name in it and just add you wedding date or something that will remind them of your wedding like the color theme of your wedding maybe.

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