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rodentman 09-23-03 05:06 PM

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Why do I want a Panerai???

rodentman 09-23-03 05:14 PM

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Or if you choose to wear it dial side out, it would look more like this...

PlatinumDiamond 11-20-03 08:27 AM

Rodent .... never saw this thread before seeing your Panerai in another thread first, and I must say that this watch is even more mouth watering than I thought, before! The back showing the workings if fantastic!

I hope you have that in a safe place and away from all of GOD's little creatures....don't want them to eat that scruptious watch all up! ;)

rodentman 11-20-03 10:26 AM

This one, with the white dial, has minute markers where the black dial does not. The store didn't have any white dials in stock, and still doesn't. I am quite happy with the black dial, more "purist" in its design, truer to the original Panerais. The stingray strap is not quite in keeping with the traditional look, but after all I'm a rodent.

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