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8131 09-22-03 02:08 AM

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I am thinking of buying a Chronoswiss Opus 18K Rose Gold watch. I like the shiny bezel, crown and pushers, but the matte finish on the sides of the "tuna fish can" and the back of the watch looks like copper to me. Can a jeweler polish out the matte finsh to be bright like the bezel, crown and pushers?

Another alternative would be to order the watch in Yellow Gold, and see if they would install a Rose Gold bezel, crown and pushers. Do watch manufacturers accept such custom order requests?

I know Itbit mixes her gold colors, if she is around, I would be interested in her opinion.

rodentman 09-22-03 10:31 AM

Sure a jeweler can polish the matte finish. I have an IWC Portugueser in red gold which is quite striking in polished/brushed finish. It sounds like they wouldn't even need to remove the movement to do that polishing. Should be straightforward...

I don't think it would look good with 2 colors of gold. I don't know if CW would do a custom job like that or if an auth dealer can get the parts and do it for you.

8131 09-22-03 12:55 PM


Looking at the watch in the store, the rose gold looks more "coppery" than it does in the picture. Perhaps you could post a picture of your Portugueser, showing the matte against the polished finish? My feeling is that it's the particular alloy that Chronoswiss uses that looks good polished, but not so good in matte finish.

rodentman 09-22-03 01:04 PM

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OK, I will do that. I don't have the photos here on this puter but I will do it when I get home. You are correct about different alloys, of course. My Omega RG is darker than the IWC. I will post photos of both.

Here is someone else's photo of the RG Omega...

8131 09-22-03 01:07 PM

Wow, that really looks "coppery".

rodentman 09-22-03 01:24 PM

Yes, the Omega is quite reddish. I will photograph the Omega and the IWC together so you can see the difference. I like RG over YG. so the "ruddiness" doesn't bother me. I always thought of copper as having a brownish color.

It's all a matter of taste of course. One man's confection is another man's sweet.

8131 09-22-03 01:48 PM


I agree that the RG usually looks better than the YG; however, the matte finish RG has the coppery look (at least in the Chronoswiss and the picture you just posted). I guess it just takes getting use to. Off the subject, I use a lot of copper in buildings I build, and here is a sheet showing the natural weathering process of copper. We always patinize it to take it immediately to the green patina rather than go through 25 years of some pretty ugly browns to get there. Occasionally I get a customer that wants us to put a clear coating on it and hold it to the "shiny penny" look.


rodentman 09-22-03 07:20 PM

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OK, here are the two RG watches. The Omega is on the right.

rodentman 09-22-03 07:22 PM

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And a better shot to show the differences in the gold color.

rodentman 09-22-03 07:23 PM

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And another.

rodentman 09-22-03 07:25 PM

They may look the same, but the Omega is a bit darker, or redder. As I said, whether or not someone likes the tone of red gold is highly subjective as well as highly selassie. I like it; others may not.

The "darker" Omega is on the right in all photos.

8131 09-22-03 08:18 PM


It looks quite nice on both of your watches. Since I really like the RG on the Chronoswiss, maybe my dislike of the matte finish on the can has more to do with the way the finish is "grained" (for lack of a better word) than the color.

Would polishing out the matte finish on a watch negatively affect the value of the watch? If so, maybe I should try to get use to it before I have it polished out. On the other hand, maybe I can get the dealer to polish it out as part of the deal.

Have you ever had a watch custom built to your specifications? I build custom homes for people, I just had a custom computer built, why not watches?

rodentman 09-22-03 09:16 PM

I'd try to keep it original and get used to it. Give it a shot. They can always polish it for you.

Itbit 09-23-03 03:26 PM

I like the ruddy color of the rose gold.
I don't find the matte finish on the side objectionable, but if you prefer it polished and shiny, then I'd ask if it could be done. I like Rodentman's idea of wearing the watch for a while, and then deciding whether or not to have the sides polished.

8131 09-24-03 12:11 AM

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Looking at the actual watch gives somewhat a different appearance than the picture shows. I have asked the dealer to see if she can get a yellow gold watch in for me to see. She has found that there are none currently aailable, and htere is a wait list for the YG. The yellow gold watch doesn't have the enameled dials, and lacks the contrast of the RG watch. I think I would like to see them side by side before I buy. The pictures below are from the Atlantic Time website, and the RG watch is actually the SS/RG, but looks the same with the face view with the exception of the SS lugs.

Looking at the pictures, I was ready to order the RG (they have the SS/RG in stock), but after looking at the side view of another model with the same "tuna fish can" I thought I would actually like to see the two watches side by side. The SS/RG is beautiful, but I would prefer an 18K watch. I've got enough "sporty" SS/18K watches!

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