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man71 05-16-11 09:26 AM

help...I'm looking at bluenile and don't know where to start
I'm looking to upgrade my diamond. I've followed the forum a little and I'm still not sure what is a good deal and what is not.

For the everyday gal, what should I be looking at the most? Clarity? Color? I know we should not only be looking at size, but I want a least 1 carot, but would love something even a little bigger. I know experts are looking more closely at detail, but I just want an pretty good quality, no visible black marks, and LARGE. I'd like to spend at most $5000, but would love to get away with $3000.

Also, could I get a better deal elsewhere? Is it safe buying from individual listing here or say ebay? It seems like a lot of money to get messed around about.

I feel so lost!


EllisONE 05-22-11 08:36 PM

Re: help...I'm looking at bluenile and don't know where to start
You can definitely find some decent deals online, so I would shop around a little bit. If you are considering ebay, make sure the seller has excellent feedback and a return policy you can live with in case the stone is not exactly what you had hoped for. Also, whether you buy on ebay, or another website like Blue Nile, be sure the stone you are considering is GIA-certified. Especially since you seem to know what you want in terms of size and quality, it's important to know exactly what you are buying. Having a GIA report will mean that you can feel confident buying a stone without seeing it in person because you can be sure of all the specs of the stone, including the 4 C's. Don't settle for any old lab report--GIA has the best rep in the industry and the most accurate reports. Hope this is a good start. Good luck on your search!

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