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mercier 09-29-02 09:20 AM

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Here is Sweetpeas entry,

I hope you all experience what it made me feel

The most meaningful piece of jewelry in my jewelry box is actually a piece of
costume jewelry. My grandmother, whom I adored, loved jewelry, but could
never afford any of the nice stuff. She was always ordering something from a
television commercial - and this was way before anyone ever thought about QVC
or Home Shopping Channel! She usually ended up giving some of it to me, like
the gold-tone Hollywood Squares necklace with a rhinestone in the middle of
the center "X". Most of this junk just went into my jewelry box and
collected dust.

When I started college, my grandmother gave me a beautiful cameo brooch. It
was really nothing special or expensive, but I loved it. It was a black oval
about 1" high with a pretty antiqued silver filligree border. The cameo face
looked like white frosted glass and had a beautiful translucent glow. I
loved wearing lace collared-blouses and this brooch went with everything.
About a year after my grandmother gave me this brooch, she got very ill and
died. The night before her funeral, I was in my dorm room setting out this
dress I would wear the next day. Of course it had to be something I could
wear the brooch with. As I was getting it out of my jewelry box, I dropped
it and the glass cameo face shattered on the linoleum floor. I was already
totally grief-stricken and this just made it worse. I ended up wearing the
brooch anyway, even though it was now just a plain black disc with a little
notch in the center where a cameo used to be.

I still have that brooch and recently showed it to my 6-year-old daughter. I
told her the story of how it broke before my grandmother's funeral and how
sad I was. She asked me if we could get another cameo face to replace the
missing one; it really bothered and saddened her that it was damaged under
those circumstances. I will probably find a face to replace it one day, but
if I don't, I have a feeling that my daughter will find a way to do it when
she is older. She never knew her great-grandmother, but I feel sure that she
will be the kind of woman who will want to try to mend her mother's broken
cameo and broken heart.

Christine McElroy (SweetPeas)

The prize will be shipped to you shortly, Christine

Here's a photo (in case anyone forgot)

chetjet3 09-29-02 10:24 PM

RE : The winning essay in the cross contest
:jump3: Beautiful story Sweetpeas! Congratulations!

Mercier - You are one of the kindest strangers that I have ever encountered! :)

SweetPeas 09-30-02 10:27 PM

Thank you, Shannon. It was so odd that you posted this contest right after my daughter and I had gone through my jewelry box and she had asked about that brooch. I don't even think I have told my husband the story. It was heavy on my heart at the time, and I just needed to put it into words.

Shannon is so kind. I have admired his generosity since I have been on DT and am honored to be the recipient of it. This beautiful cross will be going to my little 6-year-old daughter for Christmas. She has been coveting the one I got for Mother's Day and has been begging for one of her own to wear to church and on special occasions. I will be sure to tell her the story behind how I got it and the wonderful man who gave it to me. :angel:


empresseva 10-01-02 05:27 AM

Congratulations, SweetPeas! Your essay was beautiful! May your daughter enjoy her new cross!

A special thank you to Mercier for sponsoring another contest!! :applaud:

Serlin2 11-23-02 10:03 PM

Congratulations SweetPeas. That article was very poigniant and seemed to convey so much emotion. I hope you do find a face for the cameo, and that it becomes another chapter in this already moving story.


What a nice contest. I look forward to your next one.

SweetPeas 04-28-03 06:33 PM

Thank you, Shannon, so much!
I received the diamond cross from this contest today and it is beautiful. I guess the third time's a charm. Shannon has mailed 2 other that never made it, but this one did.

As I told him in an e-mail, I had planned to give this cross to my daughter for Christmas, but it never came. The timing worked out great, though, because I recently lost my diamond cross that I had gotten for Mother's Day last year. The chain broke and I put it in my purse until I could get home and fix it. I stopped at the grocery store up the street from my house on the way home and was mugged in the parking lot and had my purse stolen. I was most upset about losing that diamond cross than the other things I had in there. This is a wonderful replacement from a very kind and generous gentleman. We are so lucky to have him.


irish 04-28-03 06:57 PM

Congratulations! Your story has so much meaning. And Mercier's generosity fit with what happened to your original cross. What a great thing this was.

Thanks for sharing, both of you!!!


tieru 04-28-03 08:28 PM

I am not sure that I actually read this when it was originally posted, but I can understand why Christine won. I was sorry to hear that you got mugged. Thanks again Shannon for all you do for DT!!

winyan 04-28-03 08:32 PM

What a wonderful story!
First time I read it as well, thank you Mercier...

to me, you are no stranger.


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