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grooverider 03-19-07 12:07 PM

Tiffany Diamond Engagement Ring $14,400 retail
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Authentic Tiffany and Co Diamond Engagement ring. 1.03 carat, 950pt platinum band, absolutely perfect. Honestly worn about 2-3 weeks then has been in storage since then. H color, VS1 clarity, Depth Percentage 61.7%, Table Diameter Percentage 55%, Crown Angle 34.5 degrees, Pavilion Depth 43.0%. Polish- Excellent Symmetry- Excellent

Comes with Tiffany retail replacement certificate, GIA report, orginial tiffany and co bag, boxes, and leather binder. Everything is in pristine condition.

Actual price quote from Tiffanys TODAY for the same exact ring (1.01 carats instead of 1.03 like this one)- $14,450

Why pay $14k when you can get the same quality here for a fraction of the cost? The ring was polished and cleaned..it sparkles and looks the same as a new ring, you cannot tell the difference.

I guaruntee this ring to be 100 percent authentic, with all papers.

Measurements are 6.48-6.51 x 4.01mm

Questions? Let me know!

onlyyoutoday 10-29-10 05:31 PM

is the ring still for sale?
I was just wanting to know if the ring is still for sale?

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