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hatulia 11-11-03 11:20 PM


I am looking for goldsmith that will do our wedding rings in white gold (palladium, not nickel alloy). Howevery, every store I tried only uses nickel white gold. Could anyone recommend such a goldsmith in Bay Area, California, or give advice on how to go about finding one?

Thank you,


auplatinumman 11-14-03 10:34 AM

Try looking in the yellow pages under jewellery manufacturers. The stores are basically hopeless.

You may have to call several who specialize in stone setting to find one that uses the palladium alloys.

Look for the alloy formula that is whitest without rhodium plating. Probably 14 karat will work best, but each refiner has their own formula. The 18k palladium white is usually pretty brownish, and requires rhodium.

There is one refiner called Argen who is supposed to make a high-white gold alloy which is alloyed with iridium. I haven't used it, but will check it out on my next order.

Best of luck.


hatulia 11-24-03 06:30 PM

Thank you, David.

PlatinumDiamond 11-24-03 06:34 PM

Just curious, but are you allergic to Nickel?
Or is there another reason?

I know Platinum is much more expensive, but have you considered it /


hatulia 11-24-03 06:39 PM

I am not allergic, but I do not want plated jewelry. What the point of having gold ring, if you never see what it's made of? It might be as well plastic or wooden. Also I do not want to replate it every 6 months.
Indeed, we ended up buying platinum rings.


PlatinumDiamond 11-24-03 06:46 PM

Those are some real valid reasons about white gold you gave!
Also, Platinum was a wise choice, course I am bias on that being I love Platinum rings like I do!

BTW, welcome aboard DT! :)

hatulia 11-24-03 06:57 PM

Thank you.
First platinum ring for me. I am not biased, but wedding ring is kind of a symbol, and we wanted it to hold well.


medusa980 11-26-03 09:52 AM

Juan at Van Graff (www.van-graff.com) makes white gold with palladium. I don't think jewelers in the U.S. do it because when they mix it with palladium, there's not enough white gold for it to be stamped as gold....it's really dumb. Contact Juan -he has nothing but great reviews.

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