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molly13 06-29-12 12:32 PM

bent prong! urgent! need advice!
I recently got to a small country in the Caribbean and will be here for a few months. I just noticed that 1 of my 6 prongs is bent (it looks like I knocked it on something and it shifted to one side) on my Ideal, I, VVS2, Round, 1 carat diamond.
I do not feel safe bringing it to a jeweler here on the island.
My fiance will be here in 6 weeks and will be able to take it back to the US to be fixed.
The diamond seems to still be secure. It does not move or jiggle. All prong heads are still sitting on the top of the diamond.
I am scared to take it off for risk it may be lost or stolen.
I would prefer to wear it so I knew where it was at all times however I am scared to loose my diamond.
Help! Advice! Leave it on or hide it for 6 weeks?

the ring was purchased at blue nile
it is insured... but I do not want a new diamond

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