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Raech 03-19-03 06:50 PM

What is the best ratio for a 3 stone diamond ring with a 6.4mm center what should the side stones be. I don't like it when the sides look too close to the size of the center. I like that engagement diamond to still be the showcase. Thanks in advance.

Horizon 03-19-03 07:48 PM

I've got a 1 Ct center, with .25 Ct sides...I really like this ratio. The center stone is the focus, and the sides are just big enough to be noticed!

Raech 03-19-03 07:50 PM

is there a pic somemwhere? I'd love to see it.

SOOOexcited 03-19-03 07:51 PM

Are the diamonds all round?

If the center is a round, it's probably a carat or just a hair under. In my opinion, 1ct centers look best with .25ct sidestones (.50ct tdw). But they also look great with .15ct sidestones (.30ct tdw).

Go to the website for D Vatche rings. I'd post the URL, but I think it would appear as *****************. Grrr... Anyhow, they have photos of different size centers (.5, .75, 1.0, 1.5) with different size sidestones.

Take care and good luck!


Raech 03-19-03 08:09 PM

yes it is a round actually. I had posted so many pics I forgot people might not realize.

Yea, good idea, I will go look there for ideas on ratio.

Anyone else have pics or opinions?

Horizon 03-19-03 08:11 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here's a pic of mine :)

I need to get it sized...I don't wear it because it's too big.

Raech 03-19-03 08:27 PM

it is GORGEOUS. What do you wear in it's place right now? (just wondering). Wow very perfect.

So each side is .25 for a tcw of .5 on the sides yes?

Get that baby sized it rocks. how wide is your band/setting?

oh and to get an idea on perspective what is your ring size? Mine is a 7.

Horizon 03-19-03 08:37 PM

Hmmm...I'm not sure about the width of the band, I think it's 21/2 or 3mm wide.

It's a right hand ring, so I wear my others there now :)

I'm pretty sure it's a size 7 1/2 now, I need about a 6 3/4 or so...It sounds pretty similar to yours :)

Raech 03-19-03 08:51 PM

so yea sound pretty dead on to my size once yours is re-sized. Looks like the diamonds cover almost you whole finger view too, which I want. :D

liz2 03-19-03 09:22 PM

Here's mine
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The center is .85 and the side stones are .12 each. If you want a true three-stone ring, I would suggest .25 stones for a 1 ct center. However, if you want the center stone to take center stage, keep the side stones smaller--they will accent the center diamond and make it look bigger.

Raech 03-19-03 09:29 PM

Oooo liz, yes mine is a .85 center too.

No I don't think I want a true 3 stone look. I do want the center to look large and in charge and bigger. What size stones trail off on yours? And how many?

This is also gorgeous.

My reason was wanting more glitz in a single ring. I don't think I want a wedding ring after all if I don't have to.

a solitare of my size alone looks incomplete to me. Ya know?

Raech 03-19-03 11:10 PM

btw I realized I biffed it in my first post. It is a 6.04mm diamond

liz2 03-20-03 01:00 AM

The ring has four diamonds .015 each pave set on either side of the center stone. I too considered a solitaire but wanted something a bit more unique. The pave sort of gives the ring an antique look.

Raech 03-20-03 11:47 AM

It is stunning. I love this setting and am very curious about it. Trying to figure the mm of you side stones now :)

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