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emnightingale 11-17-02 12:57 PM

Hi everyone!!!

I know I've been on-and-off MIA lately, due to upcoming tests, papers, projects, graduation, moving, and running off to Vegas. As for the latter, I'm counting down - 9 more days. I'm starting to feel a little bit shocked - I'm getting married in 9 days.

Last night the girls at work threw me a bachelorette party. It was sooooooooo much fun! We met at someone's house and had snacks, drinks from interestingly-shaped straws, and jello shots from interestingly-shaped ice cube holders. They gave me all sorts of crazy gifts and made me a veil to wear all over. We hit 80's night at a bar on one of the college campuses and danced for hours. It was the most fun I have ever had out with my friends. One of them convinced half the guys at the bar to come congratulate and kiss me. I even got some drunk advice on marriage from my married girlfriends to boot and two friends played DD.

I thought I would be feeling it this morning but I feel great! Now I'm getting excited, even if I am a little nervous. It was the perfect last-night-out-with-all-the-girls. :)


TheGuru 11-17-02 01:00 PM

Sounds like you had a wonderful time - good to relax every now and then, especially when tension and pressures build!

What is DD ?


ginsmom 11-17-02 01:12 PM


So glad you had a great time.

I want to know what DD is also.

I went to a wedding last night. It was very nice. I just love the bride. One of my young friends. Just 22.

We will be looking forward to reports in 10 more days. I guess we have to give you a day after the wedding before we get anxious for news.



emnightingale 11-17-02 03:54 PM

Barb, you'll have to give me a couple days more than that! Remember I'll still be in Vegas until Thanksgiving. :D I'm getting soooo excited.

DD = Designated Driver :) I'm very responsible you know.... ;)


ginsmom 11-17-02 04:41 PM


Day after Thanksgiving. Those hotels have complimentary computer access rooms.

DD, boy am I old or what.

I really hope everything is as perfect as you deserve! :)


CherylP 11-17-02 08:42 PM

Interestingly-shaped straws and interestingly-shaped ice cube holders?
Hmmm -- interesting indeed! Please, do tell!!!! :lildev:

empresseva 11-17-02 09:09 PM


I'm glad you had a great time. Cherish the good memory! ^_^

Did you keep one of those interesting straws? ^_^

Hest88 11-17-02 09:43 PM

Em, I'm soooo glad you had a fabulous time! Looks like you have friends who really know how to throw a bachelorette party! (And you can never have enough friends like that! ;))

VanGraff 11-17-02 10:17 PM


Congratulations for your wedding, I wish you the best time in Las Vegas ;)

dbeth 11-17-02 10:41 PM

Em--I am glad you had a good time. Bachelorette parties are so much fun.

I remember when I had one for my friend this past July---it was very wild. I can't post pics--nathan or gilbert would not approve! :lildev:

My girlfriends are planning my bachelorette party for las vegas!! Can't wait!

Jaxie 11-17-02 11:35 PM

WOW, I've really been far away from DT for awhile. I had no idea your wedding was so soon! It must be so exciting!!!!!!!!! Oh congrats again! I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it. I am glad you had a fun night out! The count has begun!

T2 11-17-02 11:47 PM

Sounds absolutely FABULOUS! I am so glad you had a good time! Gotta love the people who play DD for you. :D :D :D

GemGoddess 11-18-02 12:48 AM

LMAO@'interestingly shaped' party accessories. YAY party! Can't wait for the wedding story... :kiss:

Itbit 11-18-02 12:59 AM

Em, I'm glad to hear you had such a fun time!
It will always be a wonderful memory

sweet7696 11-18-02 01:18 AM

Sounds like lots of fun Em!! I cannot wait to hear your wedding recaps! Not too much longer!!!

emnightingale 11-18-02 01:25 AM

Well, Steph, whaddya say? I'll post a pic of the straw I saved if you promise it will stay up long enough for a few people to see - it's really not that obscene.... :lildev:


jackieblue 11-18-02 08:40 AM

I'm glad you had such a blast! It's coming up quite quickly...all the best for Vegas. I can't wait to see pictures of beautiful you in your beautiful dress!

Horizon 11-18-02 09:50 AM

Gosh, only 9 days left! I'm so excited for you.

The party sounds like a blast, what fun friends you must have. We have a place in town called "Tasty's" which is really the opposite of its name. They sell the really interesting shaped straws too :lildev:

Be sure to give us a complete run down of your Las Vegas wedding!

emnightingale 11-18-02 07:33 PM

OMG, my wedding is a week from tomorrow. I'm really starting to freak out. I'm getting more nervous.

On the other hand, I have so much to do this week that I'm definitely going to welcome the vacation!!!

Oh, and guess what? I get ANOTHER bachelorette party! The one on Saturday was sort of invitation-only, and we didn't tell the people who weren't invited so they're still waiting for an invite. Rather than tell everyone, we're just pretending Saturday never happened and doing a dinner thing on Friday night.

The UPS guy is here.....

And I got a package from a friend!!!! ;)


Mexi 11-18-02 08:30 PM

Any Chippendales?

rodentman 11-18-02 08:42 PM

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Mexi 11-18-02 08:46 PM

Hey Rodentmon- glad to hear you were at the party also. Did Dale have a good time? Where was Chip?

Cassandra 11-18-02 09:05 PM

Em, sounds like you had a great time. :D I wish you all the best for your wedding day, your honeymoon, and all the good things that follow. :)

cinnamongirl 11-18-02 09:59 PM


i am so happy for you...and that you had such a great time at your bachelorette party! there is nothing more fun than hanging out with your favorite people and dancing all night! well...there are a few things that are funner. your wedding is approaching fast ;) not to mention the honeymoon!

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