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KITTYKITTY 09-18-03 06:10 AM

Win A Sim!
Canceled due to Isabel !!!

Horizon 09-18-03 11:10 AM

Hang tight Kitty!!!

I hope it blows over with no damage :)

KITTYKITTY 09-18-03 11:23 AM

Originally posted by Horizon
Hang tight Kitty!!!

I hope it blows over with no damage :)
:)Thanks Horizon,Kitty has her claws dug in and riding it out.I'll do the giveaway next week if I don't get blown away. :D

KITTYKITTY 09-18-03 11:29 AM

Double Post-Sorry

MavMom 09-18-03 02:19 PM

Good luck, Kitty. I will say a prayer for you and your family.


reneansley 09-18-03 07:38 PM

be safe KittyKitty, if you blow down south I will take you back home !! no lost kitties for us. sink the kitty claws in some safe strong wood and be careful.........

hellokitties 09-18-03 08:44 PM

please be safe, KK!!
will be thinking of you,and others in the track of the storm:)

Cassandra 09-18-03 08:45 PM

I've got you in my thoughts, Kitty! Stay Safe!!

sapphirekitty 09-18-03 10:53 PM

Hope you are all ok over there!
I was watching CNN most of the day, pretty scary stuff! Don't know how folks live through that! I'll take our winters any time! Hope you and yours made it through ok. Be careful once it calms down too though, power lines down and stuff like that!

let us know when you are up and running again! :wavehi:

abbykatesmom 09-18-03 11:14 PM

Please watch over our favorite Kitty! :(

KITTYKITTY 09-23-03 11:50 AM

:) Thanks ladies,I survived Isabel though I did get some pretty nasty bruises while helping my neighbors with the clean up on and around their properties. They'll fade in time. :D I'm going to do another giveaway but I'll start it in another thread at a later date.Many of my neighbors need extra help at the present time so I'll be lending a helping hand for a while longer.KK

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