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mikey 07-28-99 04:42 PM

Well I had my ring appraised, you can visit http://silverstone.fortunecity.c o...nd/Diamond.html for all the specs and some pictures. It is for sale, provided that somebody makes a reasonable offer.. but whether you intend to buy or just have a look, please let me know what you think!

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mikey 07-31-99 11:53 AM

Well I think I would like to send this to the GIA GTL in New York to have it certified. Of course I am apprehensive about shipping something of this value. Does anyone have any pointers or advice on the safety of shipping with certain carriers? The US Postal Service has an insured mail cap of $25,000. I would like to insure it for $45,000. UPS has a cap of $50,000, but round trip shipping is going to cost about $350! Plus $380 cost of the certification from GIA GTL. Plus need to have the diamond removed from its setting..
Would getting this certification done be worth the $700-$900 in associated costs considering that I am looking for a buyer for it? Afterwards should I bother trying to have it reset or should I just try to find a buyer for the loose diamond?
Anybody have any idea on the turn-around time from the GIA GTL?
Thanks in advance,

Wayne 08-03-99 06:46 AM

You may want to ask gia some of your questions...you may also look into malca amit and brinks for shipping.

I think it is worth getting a gia cert on it if you want to sell it.

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