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rodentman 04-15-03 07:40 PM

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This is the Big Kahuna Don Giovanni by Raymond Weil...

rodentman 04-15-03 07:42 PM

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This is not the strap that belongs on the watch. The original was too short for me, and they ordered a long from Switzerland. It is 28mm wide at the lugs! This strap is 24mm and you can see that it is shimmed with small pieces of tubing. It works in a pinch. I will be getting a dark brown or black strap from RW.

rodentman 04-15-03 07:43 PM

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It is quite large and surely makes its presence known, but it is not so heavy that I am aware of wearing it.

rodentman 04-15-03 07:44 PM

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The dial has some fine detail...

mercier 04-16-03 02:08 AM

Oh WOW!!! I really like that watch!!!


Was it very expensive? I may consider it if it's affordable :p:

rodentman 04-16-03 08:07 AM

It was $2,495 US but I got it for $2,000. They also make a splendid rose gold version with a black dial for $7,500. That one is a limited edition.

I forgot to take a photo of the movement through the exhibition back. I'll do that tonight and post it.

Horizon 04-16-03 10:17 AM

I love watches RM, that is gorgeous!!!

Isn't it funny how you will spend so much for a watch and be so excited about it? Just like us girls and our rings :angel:

rodentman 04-16-03 10:57 AM

I can get excited over my $31 ebay watch or my $5,600 Jaeger. There is no cure, as you know. I've got it set up so they bring the watches to my wagon. I'll be in remission for awhile since I need to save up some money now....

rodentman 04-16-03 09:17 PM

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The movement through the exhibition back...

The movement is the same size they put in a standard mens size watch, so you can see from the size of the case relative to the movement that this watch is truly massive.

rodentman 04-16-03 09:18 PM

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Close up of the movement...

rodentman 04-17-03 10:41 PM

Official Long Strap Arrived!
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Here is the monster on the official RW long strap!

rodentman 04-17-03 10:41 PM

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And the whole nine yards...

oldsalt 04-17-03 11:05 PM

What an interesting and beautiful piece of work that watch is Rodentman, you must be VERY proud of your fine collection.

Thanks for sharing.


yogimel 04-19-03 12:05 PM

Sweet watch, RM. I really do seem to be drawn to square faces as of late. hmmm.....

winyan 04-21-03 10:07 AM

RM, just out of curiosity, do you know the story behind 'the whole 9 yards'
It was the length of tartan material used to wrap the "Great Kilt". You needed 9 yards of material to tuck around you to keep warm in cold Scotland.


rodentman 04-21-03 10:17 AM

I read that somewhere but had forgotten about it. I have a book that lists the origins of such depressions. It's a lead pipe cinch to find that book. Generally I try to averd cliches like the plague.

winyan 04-21-03 10:31 AM

*laugh* well, cliches sometime make the world go round...
or at least, bring it closer together.

I love words, and tend to remember sayings.


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