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evilmailjeep 09-21-06 10:02 PM

One pic...
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This is the ring I bought from Hotrocks1

Snooper 09-21-06 10:04 PM

Re: One pic...
NICE!!!! That Ritani looks heavenly!!!! Great pic too!!! Just "one" pic?? C'mon! MORE MORE! :) Congrats!

evilmailjeep 09-21-06 10:09 PM

Re: One pic...
Sorry, I can't get more pics until the weekend, my daughter's camera isn't working, and my fiance has the other at work in NC. This one was taken by a sympathetic supervisor who rarely comes to our office. Sorry its so yellow, he had enough time to sneak in one shot, and this was at sunset.

kleinkath 09-22-06 01:23 AM

Re: One pic...
Well...if we have to wait I guess we will (hehehe!) That picture is gorgeous. You really must be so excited!

Itbit 09-22-06 03:30 AM

Re: One pic...
Wow! I love it. Marquise bezel set with a halo--very classic antique style and wonderful to my eyes
Enjoy :-)

pandora77 09-22-06 09:12 AM

Re: One pic...
Love the setting! I can't wait to see more pics!! :)

kleinkath 09-24-06 03:28 AM

Re: One pic...
Okay evilmailjeep it is the weekend...any more pictures?

I cannot wait to see more :)

abklion 09-24-06 09:15 AM

Re: One pic...
I love this!!!! My mom has a marquis that my grandmother gave that will be mine someday, and I've always thought I might reset it this way. I'd love to see pics a little farther back!

diamondjunkie 09-24-06 09:25 AM

Re: One pic...
That is LOVELY! I don't normally go for marquise cuts but I'd happily sport that one! Very very nice! Congrats!

CandySplitShanks 09-27-06 12:14 AM

Re: One pic...
wowsa!!!!! more pics more pics!!!!!!!!! omg its huge!!!!!!!

diamondjunkie 09-27-06 11:43 AM

Re: One pic...
I keep coming back to see if there's more pictures! We need more!

luvnjewelry 09-27-06 08:44 PM

Re: One pic...
It is an exquisite piece! Yes, yes..........please more pics!~Ronda

Itbit 09-27-06 09:16 PM

Re: One pic...

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