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washingtonbride 11-09-03 05:05 PM

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Hi everyone~
While cleaning out my soon to be step-son's closet I came across this coat. It is a child's size M 5-6. (He would have worn it at age 3.) It is navy blue and black. It is brand new, with tags still attached. (It was a duplicate purchase which never made it back to the store for a credit.)

If there is anyone here who is in need of a warm winter coat for their child, I'd like for you to have it. I know that I could donate this coat locally to any school or charity, but I'd like to offer it here first as a little thank you for all the enjoyment I have reading all of your posts. (I'm a daily lurker. :) )

So, that being said, first PM from a member in need gets it. I'll have it in the mail as soon as I have an address.


ancienthills 11-09-03 05:27 PM

That is a very sweet gesture.

KITTYKITTY 11-09-03 06:04 PM

:)Wonderful gesture Washingtonbride,I certainly hope someone has a little boy who can use it.kk

Musthave 11-09-03 09:48 PM

Very sweet of you! :angel:

yogimel 11-10-03 01:18 AM

That's so kind of you to do, Washingtonbride. Some little guy's going to be warm and look great this winter... :)

Horizon 11-10-03 10:01 AM

That is a really nice coat! What a thoughtful gesture. I hope someone has a little boy :sunshine:

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