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rodentman 09-14-03 10:28 PM

I have 9 little diamond chips about 2 pts each which are fluorescent. They show yellow, and several shades of blue!

They are not facetted, just little pieces of rough.

If someone could use them in an educational manner to show fluorescence in diamonds, or otherwise has a use for them, I will send them to you free.

I'd prefer to give them to someone who has a real use for them, but if no one has such a use, I will still give them to whomever wants them.

Musthave 09-15-03 01:07 AM

Very kind of you.

Kamuelamom 09-15-03 01:16 AM

RM, how thoughtful. I do hope some lucky person can indeed utilize these as a teaching tool.

rodentman 09-15-03 10:19 AM

And we have a winner who has given me the best answer regarding a use for them.

I will contact the winner via PM.

Thank you for your interest!

tinatark 09-15-03 12:07 PM

well, I don't know about everyone else, but when I saw "giveaway" from RM... I was hoping he was tired of some Rolex or other exotic watch ! :D

missyricker 09-15-03 04:00 PM

I will SECOND t Tinaturk!!! ;)

Great giveaway Rodentman!!!

Jasmin 09-15-03 05:22 PM

that was very nice of you RM!! (she says as she pouts because she totally missed the giveaway and is just happy it wasnt a giveaway for a Rolex...) :D

battern 09-28-03 06:44 AM

Thank you, Rodentman!
The chips arrived safely. We wasted no time in getting out our magnifying glasses. We had a great time using them to learn gemology vocubulary.

Thank you so much for your generosity!


rodentman 09-28-03 12:55 PM

I am very happy that they arrived safely and that you can use them!

Kamuelamom 09-28-03 06:56 PM

Wow, congrats, Battern! What a great educational tool. Are you a homeschool mom?

RM, what a great giveaway. :applaud:

battern 09-29-03 02:17 AM

Thank you, Kamuelamom
Yes, we are homeschoolers. I love the opportunity it gives us to study subjects that are of particular interest to the boys. One of my sons is quite talented in the area of design.

We are also involved in scouting. Three of my 4 sons are scouts, 1 Cub, 2 Boy Scouts, and my husband and I are both volunteer leaders. Successfully progressing through scouting allows the boys to study a broad range of subjects, including Geology. The scouts are going to love these stones!

Thank you again, Rodentman, for your gift


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