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sweet7696 06-07-03 02:42 AM

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Okay, so I'm completely obsessed with the Mad Hatter Theme for our wedding.. Only problem is, we can't get the giant statues because they are only at Disney World. What would you guys use to make this theme more apparent?? I know we can do the crazy table cloths and napkins, but what else could we use?? Thanks!

sweet7696 06-07-03 02:43 AM

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Another set-up picture. Here you can see the giant statues.

sweet7696 06-07-03 02:45 AM

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Cake picture... I thought this was a cool cake!

LittleMagpie 06-09-03 11:59 AM

Don't forget oversized teacups, saucers, etc. Alice meets the Mad Hatter at a teaparty! :D Ummm, could you get big poofy tophats like he wore and maybe hang one on the back of a chair at each table?

Jess, that looks like such fun!

Horizon 06-09-03 12:11 PM

I LOVE the cake :cheers: That is adorable!!

sweet7696 06-09-03 04:17 PM

Well, I was thinking of doing the big hats.. But now that we have decided to actually go to Disney World for our vow renewal, I'll just wait and see what they can do.. No, we aren't married yet, but we are having to do a civil ceremony instead of our wedding we had planned originally.. So, my dream is Disney World and that's what we are going to do... I can't wait!

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