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nero 01-20-04 06:37 PM

Here are a couple of shots of the e-diamond I just purchased. F, IF, H&A, 0.937 carat.. :)

Will post more later.. But she is on her way home.. gots to hide the evidence!! :)

susi 01-20-04 06:42 PM

It's Beautiful, Nero :)

MissGotRocks 01-20-04 06:46 PM

It is very pretty - you did an outstanding job!

AGSHF 01-20-04 08:35 PM

Congratulations, Nero, on a beautiful diamond and classic ring!

Congratulations also on your impending engagement. Much happiness to you and your fiancee-to-be.

Kamuelamom 01-20-04 08:41 PM

Wow! That's some rock! Congratulations and you will be certain to get a yes. :wink2:

nero 01-20-04 10:55 PM

Thanks everyone.. it really is a BEAUTIFUL stone.. I'll try to get a few more firey pictures for you later tonight ;)

Originally posted by AGSHF
Congratulations, Nero, on a beautiful diamond and classic ring!

The classic ring is actually only temporary. She is VERY into antiques, and art history. So, I am having a very nice antique-y ring made for her. Though it will be very understated and classic as well.

AGSHF 01-20-04 11:19 PM


It sounds like you've put a great deal of thought and effort into this--I expect that she will be thrilled with the results.

Best wishes.

nero 01-20-04 11:51 PM

Thanks AGSHF. I have a real good feeling about everything going great! :)

BTW: Here is one more.. Just took a little snap, and caught all KINDS of color!! I see orange, red, blue, green, and a blue-green color, all in one shot.. (can you tell I am excited??)

hbunny 01-21-04 01:59 AM

Gorgeous ring! When do you plan to propose? (I don't mean to be rude, just curious and excited for you :))

nero 01-21-04 11:50 AM

thanks for all the comments everyone.. it is so nice to hear.. even though I was very confident before and after the purchase, it is great to have a bit of confirmation that I have picked up a real gem.. :)

hbunny- the plan right now is to propse in July (I wasnt planning on getting the diamond until april or may, but came across this one and couldnt pass it up!). The question as to if I can hold off until then is still up in the air at this point. (In fact, last night, I came home from work with the ring in its box, in my pocket, as I had to pick it up from work at the jeweler.. when I saw her at home, all I wanted to do is get down on one knee and do it right there.. lol)

JD 01-21-04 12:07 PM

Nero--great ring--just beautiful. Warms my heart to see a man put this much thought and interest into the perfect ring for his special girl.

bigredwig 01-21-04 04:41 PM

Nero - the stone is absolutely beautiful. You are really going to have a difficult time waiting until July.

Best of luck.

Oh...and I hope you find a setting just as special!

Musthave 01-21-04 05:12 PM

:eek: Beautiful! Please keep us posted :)

tinatark 01-21-04 08:37 PM

oh, do it now and then in July, you can propose in the romantic location you've planned - with the diamond in it's permanent setting!

Beautiful diamond!

Itbit 01-21-04 09:27 PM

nero, the diamond you chose is beautiful! Being an antique lover, I like the fact that you are having an antique-style ring custom-made. Please to sure to post pictures when the ring is completed.

nero 01-21-04 09:36 PM

Oh, I most defintely will post the completed product.. though it may be a while.. I think I am going to drive the artist who is making this ring, INSANE by the end.. lol

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