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Seagulls 04-11-03 10:50 PM

Since most people on this board are jewelry lovers and have upgraded or completely changed their engagement rings. I wonder if any of you have "jewelry regrets"?

I tend to recycle my jewelry a lot. Buying then selling to buy another. There is one ring that I sold and have never forgotten about it, It was an Old Mine Cut Victorian Diamond Ring. I have tried desperately to get the ring back from the buyer but she likes the ring and it is "one of her favorites". I wish she understood how much I love the ring and how important it is to me. But unfortunately she thinks I will just forget about the ring and find another one down the line that I like better. I hope she is right, but I doubt it because it has been a long time since I sold the ring and I still think about it all the time.

Have any of you regretted changing your original e-rings or selling a piece of jewelry (or watch) which you later realized was a treasured piece? How did you get over it?


rodentman 04-11-03 11:14 PM

I thought of selling some watches. Actually two pieces that I really didn't like, and didn't pay too much for, I gave to a watch nut friend of mine. I just wanted to be rid of them.

The watch boards are filled with stories of people who have sold watches and then realized the error and re-bought the same watch! This costs $. I find that I cannot sell the watches for anywhere near what I paid for them, since I bought them all new. The possible exception is Rolex.

So, despite my temptation to sell, I am more motivated to keep what I have. I am pleased with my collection and have very few regrets. Actually I regret the cheap purchases not the costly ones. They are my favorites...

Seagulls 04-11-03 11:19 PM

You're a WISE rodent!!!

Itbit 04-11-03 11:23 PM

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Is the buyer of the ring a friend or just a stranger? If she is a friend, maybe she would sell it back to you if you explain your situation?
I haven't been in exactly your situation, but I wanted to add that I've had some regrets about things I had bought. I've held on to those things for a few years, and then realizing that I haven't worn them at all, I've taken them to a coin shop/second-hand jewelry store and traded them for something I liked. I've tried to become even more selective when I shop, buying only things which I truly fall in love with. Today, I went to a gem and mineral fair, and bought nothing, a first for me. Everything I liked either was too nice (budget busters) or didn't meet my criteria for buying (must be great quality at a great price). I did enjoy spending hours 'window shopping' though.
Here is an example of a trade I did recently. This ring is beautiful, but it was a size too big for my finger. I bought it used five years ago. It's a heavy, beautiful 14K tri-gold ring with jade, and I paid $200 for it. It couldn't be sized because of the colored pattern of the gold. My friend almost bought it from me, but didn't. It sat in my box unworn.

Itbit 04-11-03 11:33 PM

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Then, a few years ago, I made a mistake by buying an amethyst ring. The amethyst was large and nice, but the 14K setting was very thin. It was hollowed out in the back and the bezel was thin. It looked nice on the finger, but it really was a piece of junk and that bothered me. The regret set in months after I bought it. I thought of having the stone removed and reset in a heavier setting, but I realized that I did not want to spend the money to set that stone. It was a nice amethyst but not that nice. So, I took the jade ring pictured above, and the amethyst ring, added a few lesser items and a payment of $48 and got these second-hand opera length pearls in a trade. By trading, I got these very nice, valuable pearls which I enjoy wearing greatly.

Seagulls 04-11-03 11:34 PM

Unfortunately she is not a friend of mine. I did explain the situation to her but she had no pity on me :( She got a good buy and that's all she can see. I actually changed my mind about the sale but then sold it to her anyway because I did not want to break my word to her. Oh, if we could turn back time. I know it's not the end of the world (it's just a ring). It's just that is SANG to me! Thanks for letting me express my sorrow!


Seagulls 04-11-03 11:36 PM


That trade turned out wonderfully!!! Those pearls are GORGEOUS!!!


Itbit 04-11-03 11:40 PM

Seagulls, I'm sorry that you can't get your ring back!

Itbit 04-11-03 11:44 PM

Seagulls, thank you for liking my trade.
I know what you mean about not wanting to break your word. I've done things I've regretted later because I didn't want to break my word. I do value keeping my word, so I respect your decision to sell that ring. But, I think that the buyer would have shown a lot of class had she let you have the ring back! I would find it difficult to wear a ring if I knew that the seller really wished to have it back.

Seagulls 04-11-03 11:44 PM

Thank you Itbit!!!

Pookarina 04-12-03 01:51 AM

You should at least ask her for the right of first refusal- if she ever decides to sell, you would get the first dibs.
That is fair.
I have done that with guitars. It works out sometimes.

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