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Alexgem7777 12-05-07 08:54 PM

Tree of Life Ring
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This is my favorite ring. It is very old and is 18k White and Yellow Gold with Rubies, Sapphires, and Old Mine Cut Diamonds. Any info on the style would be appreciated. No gold stamping or makers mark.


FoxyandSexy 12-06-07 10:02 AM

Re: Tree of Life Ring
I've never seen anything like it! Very unique looking!

:heart: Amy

CaneyQueen 05-05-09 12:45 AM

Re: Tree of Life Ring
Wow! I just ran across your post, I'm new. That ring is gorgeous! Makes me think Arabian nights. Has a middle eastern flair in some way to me. Is there a meaning to the design in the middle? Reminds me of designs in India.

Alexgem7777 05-06-09 05:43 PM

Re: Tree of Life Ring
Indian designs are fabulous. I really like the use of 22k gold that I have seen. So buttery and they just glow. I have an acquaintance from India who has a roughly 8 carat pink tourmaline in 22k yellow gold. I almost ripped his finger off to see it. Talk about drool. lol

This ring symbolized heaven and earth and how we (the living) are connected. We are rooted in the here now- as we grow and reach to the heavens. Thanks for admiring it. It has the same wheat pattern on the sides of the ring that my E-ring has. Very common in antique rings.

I am going to check out your E-ring now. :)


CaneyQueen 05-09-09 11:37 PM

Re: Tree of Life Ring
uh-oh... I don't have any pics up yet! sorry, I'll get to work on that

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