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bsmith1 10-08-07 10:35 AM

Great place to resize platinum ring nyc
Hello all,

I have been looking for an engagement ring for my girlfriend for some time. I know that the ring will be platinum because I do not like that white gold tarnishes. I am pretty sure that the ring I buy will need to be upsized about 1 size. Can someone recommend the BEST jeweler to up-size a platinum ring in New York City? Also, how important is it to get the sizing done with laser vs a torch. I know this has been asked before but I am looking for up to date recommendations.


Thank you very much,


irish 10-08-07 05:05 PM

Re: Great place to resize platinum ring nyc
Hi bsmth,
most jewelers are usually authorized dealers for designer jeweler lines and whatever ring you find in their store can usually be ordered from the manufacturer in the correct size.
However if you find a ring that can't be ordered in the size you need, the same jeweler should be able to re-size the ring you've chosen.

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