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ReidReid 09-10-06 02:27 AM

HeartStar Diamond
Hello all. This is my first post here. Been reading up on diamonds a lot online and decided that it was time to ask for everyone's input.

Has anyone heard of the "HeartStar Diamond"? It sounds like this is just some sort of branded H&A diamond...so it's a quite pricey. I couldn't find much info about this. Has anyone seen this one? Any opinions on this one? Also, what's the difference between a branded AGS000 diamond and a non-branded AGS000 diamond? Any difference? [Sorry, I've got lots of questions here =)]

The reason I'm asking is because I've been shopping for the "right" diamond for a LOOOONG time. I plan on proposing to my GF soon and could really use all your advice. I saw this one in the store and it really looks beautiful. I'm just curious what you people think something like this "should" cost (both online and offline). It's GIA certified and has a Sarin report. Info on the diamond below:

1.08 ct round
diameter = 6.63 - 6.67
depth = 60.9%
table = 56.2%
crown ang= 34 degrees
pavil ang = 40.9 degrees
cutlet = 0.5%
girdle = 1.3%
flor = faint
Polish = EX
Symmetry = EX
GIA Cut gr = EX

ReidReid 09-10-06 02:54 AM

Re: HeartStar Diamond
Also, I had one more question:

The diamond is not laser inscribed with the GIA number. Does this make a difference? Is it possible to get the diamond inscribed with the GIA number? If so, how does that process worK? Thanks for helping a newbie.

RubyMu 09-10-06 09:32 PM

Re: HeartStar Diamond
My understanding is that you will always pay more for a branded stone vs a non branded stone.......it's really up to you to decided if its worth the extra money. I've got to confess i've never heard of the 'heartstart' and for me, i'd rather just buy a top stone that rely on the 'brandname'. But that said, you said you'd seen it and it was beautiful...what more can you want!!

You should try doing a search on DT for your specs, just to compare. I've done a quick search for you, the first one from DBOF is now sold...but still good for a comparison.


Hope that helps you in relaiton to pricing. I'll let the experts comment on your GIA questions.

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