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Payperview 09-27-05 11:52 AM

Are all stores on diamond row (NYC) trustworthy?
Hello everybody!

This is my first post on the forum.

I am looking for an engagement ring in New York. I went to fancy stores (Tiffany, Cartier...) to check the rings and the prices, and also visited a couple of small specialists stores on diamond row.

One of them, managed by Russians, offered me great prices for a round brillant diamond in a Lucida setting:

- G VS2, 1.2 carat, VG/VG GIA certified, $8,500 (with the platinum setting)
- G VS2, 1.5 carat, excellent/excellent, GIA certified $11,000 (with the platinum setting)

This suprised me because 1.5 carat diamonds of comparable quality were between 25k and 30k at Tiffany, Cartier etc. and between 15k and 20k in other stores on diamond row.

How come that there is such a difference in price? Are these prices even possible?
Are all stores located on diamond row trustworthy? If not, what should I pay attention for??

Thanks very much for your answers.

Payperview 09-27-05 01:50 PM

Re: Are all stores on diamond row (NYC) trustworthy?
Originally Posted by diamondsbylauren
Hey Pay!

Welcome to DT.

In general, NYC's "diamond row" stores make shopping very 'interesting"- in a bad way.

There's so many bad sellers on the street, extremem caution is warranted.

Well... so where should I go if I don't want to spend $$$$$$$$ at Tiffany??

Payperview 09-27-05 02:53 PM

Re: Are all stores on diamond row (NYC) trustworthy?
Thank you.
I am a little bit reluctant to shopping diamonds online. Thanks for your advise anyway.

If anyone has good or bad experiences in jewellery stores in NYC, please let me know! Any tips for shopping on diamond row or elsewhere in NY are welcome.

Payperview 09-27-05 03:46 PM

Re: Are all stores on diamond row (NYC) trustworthy?
I would consider purchase from a vendor I found on the web if I was able to look at the diamond first and meet the vendor!! i.e. not in Florida since I work in NY.
I have the feeling that purchasing from a jeweller who has a retail store in Manhattan in more safe and reliable than purchasing on line from a someone whose reputation is hard to assess... at least if there is a problem you can always find your "brick and mortar" retailer, whereas on the web.... Maybe I am wrong! Of course, having the opportunity to look at the diamond, compare various diamonds (sizes, colors, clarity...) with my girlfriend is another big advantage of shopping in stores.

However, I followed your advise and asked for a quote to the DT network jewellers!

Anyway, I'm quite surprised to hear that shopping on diamond row is not safe, and that most diamond stores in NYC are not reliable! :confused:

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