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Starstruck 01-16-04 03:33 PM

Hi! I'm new to DT but a frequent flier on another board! One can never have too much information! I see a lot of familiar names here and hope I will be able to make some new friends and add to my current collection!!! (That would be collection of friends AND jewelry!)

This place is pretty big so if anyone one wants to help me navigate I would really appreciate it!

If you know me-stop by and say hi because I see UUUUUUUU!

I hope to find some people to help me in my endeavor to conquer a diamond mine and make it my own!!! :lildev:
Don't worry, I share!

Star :facelick:

marsmannix 01-16-04 03:35 PM

hi and welcome!
most of us got some sparklies from santa, so we are all up for sharing.
glad to have you aboard!!

mars mannix

PlatinumDiamond 01-16-04 03:37 PM

Lots of good knowledge here and most of all, good people!

Enjoy your Never Ending stay here! :)

Kamuelamom 01-16-04 03:42 PM

Welcome to DT. Are you known as Starstruck elsewhere too? Otherwise it would be difficult to know who you *really* are. ;)

jewelle 01-16-04 03:44 PM

Hello Starstruck!! good to see you over here too!! :)

doxiemom 01-16-04 03:54 PM

Enjoy your Never Ending stay here!

Exactly Mark! I just realised DT is like "Hotel California"---"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."!! :D :D :D

Welcome to DT starstruck!

Now bad doxiemom needs to log off and get back to work......but it is the friday before a long weekend. *whine*

Starstruck 01-16-04 04:02 PM

Thank you and I LOVE your quote! Cute movie. It's funny that you are on the welcoming committee because I saw your quote and it stuck with me! As for Christmas sparklies-I rec'd pearls! BUT my b'day is in a couple of weeks and I got a new pendant that I LOVE!
(My first pendant-shocking I know- and I won't tell you my age, but I'm no spring chicken. :p: ) I have a new camera and I haven't yet figured out the software! But it's a 1ct (H) asha Love Defies Gravity pendant!

Hi there Jewelle and PlatinumDiamond, you will be easy to remember. My two Favorite Things. (This excludes my ONE favorite thing but I don't want to get too racy just getting out of the gate!!!)

Kamuel, yes I am known as Starstruck on another board. I see no reason to hide my identity! Besides, if I did it would be like starting over and I see I already know some people! It's nice meeting you. I will say this there was some confusion elsewhere about a persons name so I don't know if I'm the only starstruck around?

I'm very use to the way the other board works and I think it's going to take me some time to figure this one out. PlatD-I'm finding that the computer in general is becoming a "never ending" thing for me! Yikes-looks like from the # of posts people must NEVER sleep around here! :facelick:

Thank you all for saying "hi"-I'll probably be around a while! Someone point me in an interesting and visually stimulating direction! I need a fire fix! :lildev:


Bella 01-16-04 04:14 PM

Welcome star

You'll like these boards a lot better . . . and it's the original!

Starstruck 01-16-04 04:38 PM

Bella-You must be one that NEVER sleeps!!! Love the big star! Thanks.

Bella 01-16-04 04:50 PM

Ha, actually I just got my groove back, been absent from here for about six months. . . but to respond. . . I rest so much it's criminal

Amethyste 01-16-04 09:20 PM

Good eveing Starstruck and welcome!
It is always nice to see a familiar face around!!!!
I hope you will have lotsa fun with us!

Starstruck 01-16-04 09:44 PM

Hey Amethyste! Thanks for the welcome-can't believe I never joined this site before now. I've got a question for you, I'm honestly not sure if you will see this but I hope so. I believe you may have posted something about a bubble pendant that was re-made by Michael E? If this doesn't sound familiar don't worry about it. I'm looking into his work and if you could tell me the best place to go for that information-if you know it off the top of your head-that would be great! Or anyone else that might have a clue what I'm talking about! :confused:

Again, thanks for the welcome. I see a LOT of familiar names here!!!! Goodie!


Amethyste 01-16-04 09:58 PM

Starstruck, yeah, I am the one that posted that. You want the thread? or more info on his work? Try these links as they showcase some of his custom cut stones:

http://www.diamondring.com/forums/s... 791#post357791










Have fun!!!

Edited to say: If you need to contact him, just pm him, he's quick at responding. His email is:
michael@gemshoppe.com .

Starstruck 01-16-04 10:16 PM

Would you believe I already pm'd him because of your post?!!!! I've seen an absolutely stunning ring and I'm looking for someone to make a replica for me. (Gee it's only starting @ $48000.00 on e-bay! :rolleyes: ) Little rich for my blood but so pretty! I think it may be the only custom piece I've ever seen that I REALLY wanted. I mean, I really really really want it!!!! I guess we will see. I'm really glad you posted all those pics, I'm impressed. Thanks!!!


Here is the link:


Amethyste 01-16-04 10:24 PM

Yeah... That link to the ring is soooooo yummy!!!!!
I hope he can made something like that for you.
Keep us posted!!!! This ring is so awesome!

Starstruck 01-16-04 10:32 PM

You bet! :D

rodentman 01-16-04 10:37 PM

>>(This excludes my ONE favorite thing but I don't want to get too racy just getting out of the gate!!!)<<

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Crazy Looie.....

Starstruck 01-16-04 10:51 PM

:D At last Crazy Looie-I've been waiting for someone to take notice of my attempt at a little lighthearted humor!!! :lildev:
Haven't we met...?

rodentman 01-16-04 11:06 PM

>>Haven't we met...? <<

Not likely on any other diamond forum.

Starstruck 01-16-04 11:13 PM

I should have been a little more specific...I was referring to your lovely,ummm,..picture. It's the ears...gotta be the ears... :lids:

Musthave 01-17-04 04:57 PM

Welcome to DT!

I also love the "all new posts" button.

Enjoy the ride. We are a crazy bunch. :D

Bagpuss 01-17-04 07:50 PM

:wavehi: Nice to meet you, to meet you, nice. :D

We won't have met before because there aren't enough hours in the day for me to breathe, eat, sleep, visit DT and go to another website.

See ya around.

Watch out for Crazy Looie, he's a doll and he's mine. :lildev:

Starstruck 01-17-04 08:09 PM

Bagpuss-Ah...so you caught me flirting did you?!!! Don't worry, I'm happily taken. Thank you for the welcome I've seen many posts by you! I'm already enjoying myself quite a lot here!

MustHave-did you manage to sell it yet?

Paulscoolmom-I see the ring is off the market?! I'm glad you decided it was a keeper you were so happy with it! BTW I still love my pear and am very happy you put it up for sale!

I keep hitting the "NewPosts" button and replying to what I see. Hope this is within the parameters of reason here! What a fun place.


Bagpuss 01-17-04 08:33 PM

Anything goes here - I'm taken too, but Crazy Looie's still mine. :lildev:

Starstruck 01-18-04 01:28 AM

Mmmm. That "anything goes" here sounds kinda catchy. I bet I could dance to it! :banana:

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