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escott 10-29-01 09:43 AM

Does anyone know of a reasonable, honest, and quick appraiser in the NYC area?

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Kews 10-29-01 10:17 AM

What about LI?
i know a few really *kind* people here on the island that does appraisals. i am sure it won't be a problem finding someone in the city, just a matter of finding an honest one!!! sounds like i live in some far off exotic place "on the island", well i DO know that my mind is always in a far off (?exotic?) place!

bomb27 12-18-01 03:01 PM

Did you try them, escott?
I also need an appraiser in NYC. And how much did the appraisals cost?


moediamonds 12-18-01 03:10 PM

Appraiser in NYC
Try STATE APPRAISAL located at 55 West 47 th Street- Mezzanine level.
Show Picture ID at security guard and ask for directions to staircase up....

He charges around $25 for simple engagement rings.- Very honest guy.
Forgot his name, but is an older gentleman.

emil 12-19-01 01:19 AM

YIKES! Was he joking???

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