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ancienthills 10-27-03 07:29 AM

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Santa if you are listening, I have been a very, very good girl this year...


ancienthills 10-27-03 07:32 AM

Oh, in my momentary daze I nearly forgot to include the stats. The following info was taken directly from the auction description. As usual I have no affiliation with seller and cannot vouch for blah blah blah....you know the drill.

This is an auction for a one-of-a-kind European cut diamond engagement ring that is 150 years old. It is set in platinum with a total weight of 6.52 ct.

5.52 ct diamond

Clarity: VS-2
Color: H
11.15 x 11.10 x 7.10mm, 3% GTCF
2 Bead set Baguette cut diamonds .41ct

Clarity: VS-1
Color: G
5.25 x 2.25 x 1.91mm
24 Bead set old european cut diamonds .54 ct

Clarity: VS
Color: G
1.90 x 1.70 x 1.12mm, 2% GTCF
4 Bead set old european cut diamonds .04 ct

Clarity: VS
Color: G
1.30 x 1.30 x .81mm, 2% GTCF
The weight of the ring is 6.49 grams.

ancienthills 10-27-03 07:34 AM

Does anybody else see a bubble at about 5 o'clock?

ancienthills 10-27-03 07:37 AM

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Hey, I will just post some more favorite deco ish looks I am falling hard for. This way I can see all my faves at once AND share them with everybody else. Feel free to post your deco ish delights here.

Below is Jan's Daniel K.

ancienthills 10-27-03 07:42 AM

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Woops too excited, here is a side view of post 1

ancienthills 10-27-03 07:47 AM

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The next few are Shenoa and Company

Ruby is my birthstone ;)

1.35 CT Round brilliant cut Diamond in the center,

Round brilliant cut pave set Diamonds 0.20 CT and

Rose cut pave set Rubies 0.11 CT

total weight on sides.

Center diamond is G color and I-1 clarity.
Side diamonds are F color and VS-1 clarity.

price at posting is $5850, but looking a tad yellow IMHO...

ancienthills 10-27-03 07:52 AM

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This Platinum Antique style ring consists

1.00 CT Emerald cut Diamond in the center,

20 Rose cut Sapphiers 0.44 CT total weight and

38 Round brilliant cut Diamonds 0.24 CT

total weight on sides.

Center diamond is E color and VVS-2 clarity.
Side diamonds are F color and VS-2 clarity.

ancienthills 10-27-03 07:54 AM

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Another view. This one is $5800 at time of posting

ancienthills 10-27-03 07:56 AM

Bagpuss, if you are reading this come on over and post your beauty here please!

ancienthills 10-27-03 08:13 AM

Well I am going to go lie down now. I think I have given myself a fever! My favorite look is still a big clean beautiful round solitare in a plain and simple setting, but deco is sooooo nice and has great personality as well. Hopefully there will be tons of other peoples beautiful photos from searches on the net or in their jewelry box. Maybe tomorrow I will pull out the digital camera and include some of my own simple possessions.

ancienthills 10-27-03 08:14 AM

MaryAlania how about posting that great asscher?

ancienthills 10-27-03 08:17 AM

Amethyste, you too!!!

Amethyste 10-27-03 10:24 AM

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My ring? Bah! People ar sick of it!!!! ;) I am posting a Fay cullen ring that I am drooling about, man, I am impossible. I just love everything and dam* it, it's driving my husband crazy.
Actually my husband told me that if I gave his s** everyday, I could get sparklies all the time. I don't know if he's serious about it, but I am thinking about his deal. ;) Sounds totally wrong doesn't it? ;)


Amethyste 10-27-03 10:25 AM

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and on the hand.
It looks HUGE!!!! I want it!

snowflake 10-27-03 10:49 AM

Beth and Amethyste, what an awesome display! Amethyste, anything for a sparkly! (I'm the same way and driving my husband crazy too!)

Bagpuss 10-27-03 08:14 PM

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Hi ancienthills

You might know I'd find my way here eventually :D

Sugar, that 5+ one would have gone really well with my e-ring, but as you've already asked Santa for it, I'll let you have it.

This one's quite unusual. I've never seen one like it.

$3,000.00, on sale $1,800.00. 14k yellow and white gold, ten Old European cut diamonds, four at 0.04 ct.; 0.07 ct., 0.12 ct., 0.14 ct., 0.26 ct., 0.27 ct., 0.43 ct. each, VS-I1, four have small chips on the crowns, average J-K color, two round single cut diamonds, 0.015 ct. each, VS, I-J color, 1.48 ct. TDWT.

Bagpuss 10-27-03 08:17 PM

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Here's a bigger pic. You can see the detail a bit better.

Bagpuss 10-27-03 08:19 PM

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.......from the side.

Alistra 10-28-03 01:36 AM

VERY nice!

Pookarina 10-28-03 02:55 AM

I love those Deco rings...now you are speaking my language.

However, I must say, Amethyste, there is nothing wrong with a deal which involves giving s@x to your hubby everyday for sparklies.

I think it would be great to do it everyday for free!!
I mean, he IS your hubby!

Itbit 10-28-03 04:10 AM

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These are great vintage rings! I am doing what my cat does when I groom her with the Kong Cat Zoom Groom...

smarie 10-28-03 06:20 PM

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...I took this against a glass of Pinot Grigio-a white wine. My OEC is a similar color in some lighting. Probaby why I love it so much! The ring that is!! :toastred:

smarie 10-28-03 06:25 PM

and who hasn't already seen this??
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Not a natural diamond but a natural beauty for sure!!

Bagpuss 10-28-03 07:16 PM


Please remind us of the story on your ring (or post a link to the thread where you did) :D

Amethyste 10-28-03 08:15 PM

Is your natural OEC from Fay Cullen?

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