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ErikCarlsonGG 08-26-03 01:08 PM

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Following are a few photos of platinum inside its host matrix ore.


ErikCarlsonGG 08-26-03 01:09 PM

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PlatinumDiamond 08-26-03 01:43 PM

This is cool!
Never seen platinum in that state before!

How is the platinum extracted from the ore?

Hey, thanks much for showing this to us! :)

ErikCarlsonGG 08-26-03 02:02 PM

I believe that like most metals it is smelted and the heavier elements sink and the platinum is "skimmed" or poured off the top.

A really good link to platinum mining is www.mining-technology.com/projects/stillwater

it is a link to the Stillwater platinum mine in Montana.


PlatinumDiamond 08-26-03 02:15 PM

Thanks for the info very much!

hellokitties 08-26-03 03:45 PM

very neat, indeed! I love platinum, so this was a treat to see it in its "natural" state:)

rodentman 08-26-03 04:02 PM

And it is hovering at around $700/oz!

hellokitties 08-26-03 04:12 PM

ow, really?!?! makes me wish i had a few platinum bars laying around..hee hee..

PlatinumDiamond 11-18-03 06:34 PM

$772.00 US per ounce at this moment in time!
You gotta love the price! :)

PlatinumDiamond 11-19-03 10:00 AM

Keeping tabs on the rise of Platinum ...
Kitco Live Platinum Chart


ancienthills 11-19-03 10:38 AM

Are you watching Plat. market prices for your new 8* setting Rodie?

PlatinumDiamond 11-20-03 08:14 AM

No Beth ....
just watching the platinum price to see how much my rings are going up in value! ;)

phoenix 11-26-03 07:02 PM

Here is a bit of interesting trivia about platinum. Platinum gets its name from the Spanish word "planita" which means "little silver". When the conquistador came to south America and came across nuggets of Platinum they thought it was silver that had not ripened. It's said that they used to through it into caves and streams to let it ripen.

Here is a Timeline history I found on the internet.


700 BC Ancient Egypt
Having mastered the techniques of processing platinum, High Priestess Schepenupet's document casket is embellished with platinum hieroglyphics.

100 BC South America
Pre-Columbian Indian cultures succeed in blending platinum with gold, creating nose rings and various other jewelry items.

1590 Spain
Conquistadors discover a white metal in the rivers of Equador. Believing it to be unripe silver, they name it Platina, little silver, and throw it back to "ripen".

1758 Italy
Giovanni Casanova and the Marquise d'Urfe carry out mysterious experiments attempting to turn platinum into gold.

1790 France
A goldsmith creates platinum jewelry for King Louis XVI who later declares it "the only metal fit for Kings."

1824 Russia
Substantial deposits of platinum are discovered in the Ural Mountains.

1875 South Africa
When vast diamond deposits are discovered in the small town of Kimberly, a new jewelry style is born. The diamonds of Kimberly paired with modern platinum.

1912 Germany
In Pforzheim, Germany an effort to provide a substitute for the increasingly rare platinum, white gold is invented.

1924 South Africa
In the Merensky Reef, geologist Dr. Hans Merensky discovers the largest deposits of platinum ever found. The deposits were later named the Merensky-Reef.

1937 England
The Duke of Windsor commissions Cartier to make platinum wedding rings for him and Wallis Simpson.

1939 America
WWII causes the restriction of platinum for any use other than the war effort.

1967 America
Elvis Presley presents his new wife with a platinum ring set with diamonds. Yes! It is still the only metal fit for Kings.

1983 The Isle of Man
The first modern platinum coin of legal tender is made.

1992 America
PGI-USA is formed to reacquaint the public with precious platinum jewelry.

1997 America
In Maryland, the government mints the first platinum coin called the Platinum Eagle.

2000 Earth
Wildly popular with consumers, platinum jewelry sales are up more than 1000% since 1992.

PlatinumDiamond 11-27-03 10:44 AM

COOL !!!
phoenix ...

You forgot these two timeline years:

2002 PlatinumDiamond
Purchases his first Platinum Jewelry.
Discovers how much he truly does like the precious metal Platinum over all other metals.

2003 PlatinumDiamond
Purchases more Platinum Jewelry.

Edited to add:

2004 PlatinumDiamond
May be looking for more Platinum Jewelry.


PlatinumDiamond 01-14-04 03:19 PM

My 2004 prediction is coming true ...
more platinum I'm purchasing is coming my way real soon ..... or should I say coming my wife's way! :)

ErikCarlsonGG 01-22-04 04:10 PM

Price is really amazing!!!!

Just five months ago Rodentman posted the price of platinum as "hovering around $700/oz"

Just five short months later the price is at $865/oz.

Anybody think it will hit 900??? :)

PlatinumDiamond 01-22-04 08:45 PM

>>>Anybody think it will hit 900??? <<<
I'm BANKING on it! :D

Ginger7 03-23-04 10:28 PM

Thanks for the timeline phoenix, it was a fun read!

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