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Jaxie 03-31-02 08:42 PM

Ok, so now I'm a VG girl. Can someone explain the contest? What is it, how do you enter, etc...
Many Thanks!

Gin 03-31-02 10:13 PM


Here's a copy of the e-mail I sent Friday night (I edited your full name and address), I guess you didn't get it! Also, check the 'Van Graff Registry' thread. I also posted the contest info there. Here it is again: :)

E-Mail Juan at: jmlozano@van-graff.com

Subject: "Van Graff contest"

Body of the email:

DT name: Jaxie
Real Name: Jacqueline
Playing Numbers:?????? (6digits)
Bought from: Gin/Juan Manuel

Jaxie 03-31-02 11:06 PM

I got the email, but I didn't quite understand what I was supposed to do. Just pick any numbers?

Gin 04-01-02 02:18 AM

Just pick 6 numbers (valid numbers are 0 - 9) of any combination and that's it!
Juan has chosen May 5th as the 'big day'! Isn't this too exciting! Good Luck! :)

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