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sam 04-15-99 07:41 PM

I am planing to purchase a diamond ring from one of the jewely store. They told me that the D color VS1 diamond ring is available for 8K with following comments on GIA.

-polish and symmetry are very good
-fluorescence - strong blue

Since I don't know too much about diamond and their value (cost) I was wondering if anybody can give me some advise on whether this diamond is worth for this amount and is it a wise buy.

I would appreciate any advise given.

gregandmartha 04-16-99 02:32 PM

You neglected to mention the size of the diamond...

Greg and Martha
Austin, TX.

sam 04-16-99 05:38 PM

The size of the ring is 1 carat round shape diamond ring. I was advised that if the fluorescence with a strong color it will affect the brightest and the value of the ring. Is this true?? If so, how much would it affect the cost. Will that still be a wise buy?

I would appreciate if anyone can answer that.

sam 05-16-99 09:36 AM

With reference to my previous questions, can anyone answer or offer their option on whether this is a ideal cut diamond and the price of 8K is a good buy.

color - D
clarity - VS1
weight - 1 ct
depth and table - 60/60
polish and symmetry - very good
fluorescence - strong blue

I heard that if the fluorescence with strong color it will affect the value of the diamond and less desirable. Can anyone tell me how much would it affect the price and why strong fluorescence less desire by people.


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